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Employee Outlook: Spring 2015

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Employee Outlook: Spring 2015

Published May 2015

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The Employee Outlook survey, produced in partnership with Halogen Software is now produced twice a year. This will allow more time for trends to develop between surveys and we will also be running more topical focus outlook reports in between.

Questions on organisation culture were included for the first time and revealed a mismatch between how employees currently see the culture of their organisation and the type of culture that they would prefer to work within. Variations between men and women and age groups have significant implications for talent management and overall business success.

"Those aged 18–24 would least like to work in ‘a formalised and structured place to work, where procedures govern what people do and hold people together’"

Content of report

Foreword from the CIPD

Foreword from Halogen

Key findings

1 Job satisfaction and employee engagement

2 Job-seeking

3 Employee attitudes towards senior leaders and line managers

4 Work–life balance and pressure at work

5 What type of organisation do employees want to work for?

6 Performance management 

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"55% of employees want to work in an organisation with a 'family feel' where leaders are viewed as mentors or parents. 46% say they actually work in a formalised and structured place governed by procedures."


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