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Learning and development 2014

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Learning and development 2014

Published April 2014

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Our 2014 survey, produced in partnership with Cornerstone OnDemand, sets out the findings of the CIPD’s sixteenth annual Learning and development survey, examining current practices and trends within learning and development (L&D). The analysis is based on replies from 1,081 organisations.

The findings suggest that the L&D functions are increasingly professionalising their approach. There has been a shift towards greater integration with the business and more awareness and recognition of the importance of evaluating business impact. Last year we predicted that big data would grow in importance and we are now seeing this translate to practical realities. These changes are also influencing the skills and capabilities that L&D professionals need. Findings also suggest that commercial acumen and influencing skills are more important to practitioners than traditional design and delivery expertise.

"L&D professionals face an exciting, but challenging, future. Increasing alignment and integration with the
business is critical, but should not be at the expense of keeping up to date with the latest industry trends,
new learning insights and emerging technology ... Conventional e-learning may be in decline, but the
power of technology to enhance social learning or facilitate content curation is yet to be fully realised."

Content of the report

  • Summary of key findings 
  • 1. Trends in learning and development
  • 2. Leadership development 
  • 3. Talent management 
  • 4. The development of L&D professionals 
  • 5. Assessing the impact of L&D activity 
  • 6. Economic situation and training spend
  • Conclusion and insights 
  • Appendix: Background to the survey

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