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Learning to work

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Learning to work

Published September 2012

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The report finds that even though employers recognise their role in tackling youth unemployment, a quarter have not employed any young people aged 16 - 24 in the last year. The survey explores employers' perceptions of young people and their role in engaging with young people and education, and sets out the business case for employing young people.

This survey report supports the CIPD’s Learning to Work campaign, which is designed to help employers understand why investing in young people is not just the right thing to do for society but also imperative to sustained business success.

The survey findings contribute to a report outlining the business benefits of employing young people. View the report:
The business case for employer investment in young people 

And a pamphlet provides five compelling reasons for employing young people. View the pamphlet:
Investing in young people: why your business can't afford to miss out