CIPD Voice - 19 October 2015

CIPD at Party Conference 2015

The CIPD Public Policy team has had a busy time promoting our research and members’ views at the Labour and Conservative Party Conferences, holding a number of fringe events on topics as diverse as gender balance in the boardroom and youth employment. It was an excellent opportunity to raise CIPD’s profile and engage with politicians and other organisations on anything and everything to do with the world of work. Paddy Smith, CIPD’s Public Affairs Officer, tells us what the CIPD got up to this year.

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CIPD in the EU

Our new EU Briefing compares workplace productivity levels across Europe and investigates why some countries are performing better than others. Could high-performance working play a part?


New research

Our latest LMO of 1,000-plus employers reveals that UK employers continue to be able to recruit the workers they need without significantly hiking wages and that median basic pay rises of just 2% are predicted going forward.


New research

Our latest survey of employees offers some key insights around attitudes to issues like job satisfaction, employee voice, employee productivity, work-life balance and pressure at work, and skills shortages.


Media spot

Our podcast looks at how and why employers should tackle the root causes of mental health problems and foster good mental health. We hear from John Binns, a well-being and personal resilience adviser, about his personal experience of poor mental health and Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind. Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk and former Minister of State at the Department of Health, also gives insight into the work he did as minister to promote mental health support and gives his opinion on the economic and social case for why employers should make this a priority.