CIPD Voice - 14 December 2015

Zero hours contract employees say they’re ‘happier’

Our new research shows that zero-hours contract (ZHC) employees tend to experience greater life satisfaction and enjoy better work-life balance than those on more traditional employment contracts. Head of Public Policy, Ben Willmott, picks up on some of the key arguments around the ZHC debate and digs deep to unearth some of the underlying workplace issues that need addressing for people on this type of contract.

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CIPD in the EU

Our new EU Briefing compares workplace productivity levels across Europe and investigates why some countries are performing better than others. Could high-performance working play a part?


New research

Our latest LMO of 1,000-plus employers reveals that UK employers continue to be able to recruit the workers they need without significantly hiking wages and that median basic pay rises of just 2% are predicted going forward.


New research

Our latest survey of employees offers some key insights around attitudes to issues like job satisfaction, employee voice, employee productivity, work-life balance and pressure at work, and skills shortages.


Media spot

In today’s business landscape HR professionals are seeking greater business credibility and greater influence in their organisations. But what role does HR play in promoting and/or enforcing ethical responsibility in business? Philippa Foster Back CBE, Director of the Institute of Business Ethics, David Jackson, Associate Director of HR at Manchester Metropolitan University and Laura Harrison, Director of People and Strategy at CIPD, discuss the changing role of HR and how ethical responsibility and business credibility can be balanced.



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