South Yorkshire and District mentoring scheme

Welcome to the Mentoring Scheme

Welcome to our 2016 Mentoring Scheme.

A quick show of hands at a 2015 event revealed that approximately 5 from an audience of 40 were unaware that the Scheme existed and this was ultimate confirmation that our re-launch was overdue.

Mentoring is very much in the spotlight today with three quarters of organisations currently offering coaching and mentoring to their employees (People Management, November 2015).

What is mentoring and how can it help you in your professional development?

In the context of the workplace, mentoring is where two people enter into a supportive relationship to allow the mentee to strengthen their approach and skills in a particular area or to focus on achieving success in professional life. For example, upgrades to membership or development of personal skills for career progession. Usually they meet regularly over a number of months and the mentor will listen, offer support and challenge to allow the mentee to work at positive change to enhance their chances of success. Through these conversations the mentee is able to understand themselves as a professional at work and strengthen their approaches, tackle issues and move in new directions. Whether you are a seasoned HR practitioner, studying for CIPD qualifications or want to focus on particular areas or issues, mentoring may help you.

Our Branch mentors

The Branch continues to source a range of mentors who have a wide range of skills, experience and approaches. Some have decades of mentoring experience, some have coaching and mentoring qualifications and some have newly entered the HR profession and so know what it feels like to be starting out. All are committed to helping support CIPD members in their professional development.

Further information and resources


For further information about the mentoring scheme or any other queries please contact Kathy Town, the Branch Mentoring Scheme Coordinator.

Please note: the SYCIPD Mentoring Scheme is not linked to the national CIPD Mentoring Scheme.

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