Scotland's Skilled Future

CIPD Scotland believes that many of the key workplace issues have been ignored in the constitutional debate, and if we are to build a dynamic export-led economy, our economy needs to work better, and we need better skills and productivity.

Nearly 150 CIPD members and guests attended our ‘Scotland’s Skilled Future’ breakfast and evening seminars in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen on 9th and 11th June to hear our take on this fascinating subject.

Expert speakers from Brodies LLP, the University of Strathclyde and Robert Gordon University, joined John McGurk, CIPD’s Head of Scotland, to consider a variety of issues around the constitutional debate in relation to the workplace, employment law and skills.

You can read about the events in detail at Scotland the Blog or you can view the presentations here.

Scotland's constitutional future and Scotland's employment law

Work, Employment, Skills and Training: What Next for Scotland? (… and what implications for HR?)

The skills gap and oil and gas education and training

Scotland's skilled future : CIPD Scotland perspective

Scotland's constitutional future

These events were the launch of our ‘Scotland’s Skiled Future’ programme and we will continue to promote the importance of the labour market and skills agenda within this critical period for Scotland and beyond.
Watch out for:

  • A Scotland’s Skilled Future webinar 
  • Our Scotland’s Skilled Future paper
  • More activity and knowledge sharing around the different dimensions.
  • Our workplace plan for Scotland.