Case studies

Christine Amyes, Chartered FCIPD, executive director, people, New Charter Housing Trust

"I knew my membership grade was out of sync with my professional level"

New Charter Housing Trust Group (NCHT) was created 10 years ago to take over council housing in Tameside, Greater Manchester, and has subsequently added housing in Gedling, Nottinghamshire. It employs 850 people and manages 18,500 properties.

Christine Amyes joined the trust a year after its creation and led HR throughout the organisational transformation that followed, including the absorption of Gedling two years ago. She chairs the sector skills council for housing, is a regular conference speaker and had a long career in civil service HR before joining New Charter.

Yet circumstances meant that Amyes never upgraded beyond associate CIPD membership. “I did a BA in professional training and development and a postgraduate diploma in the psychology of coaching at Leeds Metropolitan University, but they weren’t qualifying courses for graduate membership,” she explains. She knew her membership grade was “out of sync” with her “professional level”, but found that there was no obvious way to address this problem. “I needed a route that was based on work and experience,” she says.

Amyes found the assessment process a useful experience. It confirmed many of the things she knew about herself – such as her collaborative management style – but also helped her to focus on her own professional development. “The assessors told me they’d like to see my CPD more clearly linked to feedback,” she says.

“Being a chartered fellow,” she adds, “gives me the confidence to be on an equal footing with other senior professionals.”

This case study was published in People Management magazine on 10 February 2011.