About Experience Assessment for organisations

Experience Assessment benchmarks the performance of your HR and L&D practitioners against the CIPD HR Profession Map and rewards their achievements with CIPD professional membership:

  • Chartered Fellow
  • Chartered Member
  • Associate member

Experience Assessment is easily incorporated into your HR capability strategies. Many of our clients include it within their development programmes.

The benefits

The benefits of Experience Assessment for your organisation are:

  • establishing how your HR and L&D practitioners benchmark against the industry standard
  • using the insights gained to create targeted development plans across your HR and L&D functions
  • providing a rewarding development experience for your HR and L&D professionals.

What to expect

Experience Assessment is designed for established HR and L&D professionals at all levels. All participants will be required to demonstrate their effectiveness as HR or L&D practitioners by showcasing the impact they've had on their organisation. They'll be asked to explain not only what they do, but how they do it.

The individual...

Participating individuals can expect to complete the following:

  • a realistic business case study
  • 360 degree feedback
  • an in-depth three and a half hour professional discussion with an experienced assessor.

Aside from CIPD professional membership and the opportunity to use designatory letters after their name (Assoc CIPD, Chartered MCIPD or Chartered FCIPD), each individual will also receive a detailed feedback report with helpful career development advice.

The organisation...

Your organisation will receive an Organisational Insights Report for your HR team, which includes:

  • benchmarking data against the CIPD HR Profession Map
  • key trends
  • options to help further your team's HR capability.

CIPD membership

Find out more about CIPD membership and the benefits it brings:


For your organisation?

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We found that Experience Assessment is a useful, robust and pragmatic way to demonstrate the value of what all our HR people do, day in and day out. Karen Bowes Chartered FCIPD, European HR Director, Capitol One