About Chartered Member (Chartered MCIPD)

Chartered Member is the second level of CIPD professional membership. Chartered Members are entitled to use the designation and letters Chartered MCIPD after their name to showcase their professional credentials.  

Chartered Members actively plan their continuing professional development (CPD), deepening their knowledge of current best practice and theory, applying it within their organisation. They keep up to date with industry trends and changes, and use their understanding and insights to solve business problems which are measured against organisational objectives and performance indicators.

Profile of a Chartered Member

  • Skills and knowledge focus
    Deepening theoretical knowledge and broad organisational insights.  Building insights through operational problem-solving and delivering solutions.
  • Relationship with clients
    Advises and partners business heads and departmental managers.  Implements plans through communicating, engaging and involving.
  • Impacts and measures 
    Impacts teams and managers within functions/departments and measured against impact of intervention on KPIs and business objectives.

A Chartered Member works as a specialist (such as reward, L&D or resourcing) or a generalist to manage, develop and implement HR projects or programmes to support organisational objectives. They will have a strong focus on engaging and partnering with business managers to find HR solutions to organisational issues. They provide a consultancy service to managers, using their generalist or specialist HR expertise to coach and influence, and have the authority to drive and deliver HR change within organisations.

Benefits of Chartered Membership

  • Showcases your ability to have a real impact in the workplace and that you make a difference to an organisation's strategy and people.

  • Demonstrates to employers, clients and peers that you meet high professional standards in HR or development.

  • Use of a professional designation and letters after your name, Chartered MCIPD.

  • Voting rights on CIPD matters.

Requirements for Chartered Member

The requirements for Chartered Member are underpinned by CIPD’s Profession Map. The core of the Map – Insights, strategy and solutions and Leading HR – must be demonstrated by all professional members. Chartered Members are expected to have an understanding of most areas and how they integrate with each other, although they are most likely to specialise in one or two areas.

To be awarded Chartered Member you need to demonstrate consistent, sustained performance against timescales of at least 12-18 months. You will have evidence across a wide range of examples to demonstrate your experience against band 2 of CIPD’s Profession Map.

Take a look at the questions below to see if you might be eligible to upgrade to Chartered Member.

Download the full requirements for Chartered Member (PDF 85 KB)

Ready for Chartered Member?

  • Do you have consistent evidence of managing, developing and implementing HR or L&D projects and programmes?
  • Can you evidence the impact of your HR or L&D work on the business, using metrics, business outputs and feedback?
  • Do you work to timescales of around 12-18 months (for example planning HR business activity over a financial year or managing long projects)?
  • Do you have sustained evidence of aligning HR or L&D work to meet business needs?
  • Can you demonstrate your commercial understanding of your organisation(s) with evidence of developing or working on HR business cases?

How to become a Chartered Member

Depending on your professional background and experience, you can become a Chartered Member by:

  • Studying a CIPD qualification and apply to upgrade
    To be eligible for Chartered Member you must study the CIPD level 7 Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management or Human Resource Development or PDS equivalent. You will join us as a Student member, and upon successful completion of your qualification and depending on your relevant HR or development experience, apply to upgrade to Chartered Membership.

  • Experience Assessment
    If you're an experienced HR or development professional you can apply to become a Chartered Member through Experience Assessment, which involves having your experience and achievements assessed.

  • Upgrading membership
    If you hold a CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management or Development or are an Associate member transferred from Graduate, and you meet the criteria for Chartered membership you may be eligible to upgrade. 

  • Rejoining as a Chartered Member
    If you used to be a Chartered Member, please call our membership customer services team on +44 (0)20 8612 6208 to rejoin.

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