About Chartered Member (Chartered MCIPD)

As a Chartered Member of the CIPD you're recognised for your professionalism and commitment to good practice in HR and L&D. As a Chartered Member you are entitled to use the designation and letters Chartered MCIPD after your name to showcase your professional credentials, demonstrating:

  • up to the minute professional knowledge and experience
  • a commitment to CPD and the CIPD's Code of Professional Conduct.  

Your Chartered Member status inspires confidence with employers and clients, and demonstrates that you have the knowledge and experience to create an impact in the workplace and make a difference to an organisation’s people strategy.

Chartered Membership can help to further your career, opening doors to promotion, a higher salary and an increased range of job opportunities.

Chartered Member benefits

Keeping you informed

Access to the latest HR and L&D resources to help you make a difference to an organisation’s people strategies:

Leading-edge research

Exclusive access to the latest thinking in HR, L&D and business through the CIPD's thought-leadership and leading-edge research (e.g. behavioural science, trustworthy leadership and HR metrics).

Senior networking events

  • Get fresh new ideas by taking part in senior events organised by our regional team.
  • Discover what other organisations are doing by attending CIPD conferences and exhibitions.
  • Connect online through CIPD's Professional Communities and social media channels.

Share your knowledge and experience

Give back to the profession and share your knowledge and experience by volunteering through your local office or speaking at CIPD events.

Career management support

Exclusive access to development tools to help keep your career on track:

  • my CPD Map, your interactive online career assessment tool
  • CIPD Profession Map - setting the benchmark for what good HR looks like. It includes 10 professional areas, 8 behaviours and 4 bands/transitions for the HR and L&D profession.

How to become a Chartered Member

There are three options available to you if you want to become a Chartered Member.

1) Have your experience accredited via our direct route, Experience Assessment

Experience Assessment is a straightforward way to get recognition for your existing HR and L&D achievements. If you meet the criteria for Chartered Member and can demonstrate this by providing work-based evidence from the last three years, then this could be the best route for you.

Read more about Experience Assessment

2) Study a CIPD Advanced-level Diploma

CIPD qualifications are internationally recognised and successful completion of an Advanced-level Diploma could lead to Chartered Member, providing you have the relevant experience. Once you’ve completed your qualification you’ll need to apply to become a Chartered Member via our upgrading process.

Read more about CIPD qualifications

3) Upgrading your level of membership

If you are already an Associate member and want to upgrade to Chartered Member, check out our information on upgrading your membership or call us on +44 (0)20 8612 6208.

Read more about upgrading your membership

Previous member?

If you've previously been a member of the CIPD, you can rejoin at the grade you previously held. To rejoin, call us on +44 (0)20 8612 6208.

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