Chartered Fellow

‘I guess what I would say to you is that even though I have been in this profession for over 30 years, the learning never stops. Without wishing to sound cheesy, CIPD membership has enabled me to do that.’

Kathy Hampden Chartered FCIPD
HR & OD Consultant and Coach

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Shape the future of the profession

Chartered Fellow is the highest level of CIPD membership. It recognises your impact on organisation success through HR and people strategy. As a Chartered Fellow you're part of a select group of senior HR and L&D professionals. You're able to deepen your engagement with the CIPD and the profession through:

  • Shaping the policy agenda
  • Voting on key CIPD matters
  • Contributing to key CIPD research

Chartered Fellow offers you an exciting platform to affect change and engage in the big debates with business and government policy. As a recognised and experienced expert, you are able to share your knowledge and give back through volunteering, mentoring or speaking at CIPD events.

Chartered Fellow stories

“CIPD now has much more of a global footprint. I work with the US and they are aware of what the CIPD stands for. CIPD gives you credibility globally.”

My relationship with the CIPD begain like most people by studying for my CIPD. And I have to say that CIPD is my one-stop-shop for all the information that I need.

I really value knowing what's happening in the world of HR and L&D. I always check the CIPD website to get the latest news and trends. I connect with peers. CIPD's events are really great. CIPD gives me access to all this and more.

The CIPD has supported me all the way through access to its research and information, peer networking and of course, upgrading to Chartered Fellow status.

Having the CIPD Chartered Fellow title demonstrates that I'm recognised for my work. It shows that I'm competent, credible and professional.

Since I became a Chartered Fellow, the information and support I receive from the CIPD has been more strategic. Which is vital for me in a global role.

Tania Tiippana Chartered FCIPD
Global Learning and Development Business Partner, PAREXEL

“As a Consultant my CIPD membership as a Chartered Fellow is undoubtedly valuable in finding new assignments.”

The CIPD online resources are fabulous. I use the CIPD website every week for work. I'm particularly interested in the CIPD's employment law service. I use the Frequently Asked Questions and Factsheets every week.

As an Independent Consultant, the fringe member benefits, like the Indemnity Insurance discounts are a godsend. It offers a much better deal for the same cover.

As a Consultant my CIPD membership as a Chartered Fellow is undoubtedly valuable in finding new assignments. A lot of my clients are not HR specialists, so they see that I am a CIPD member, in particular a Chartered Fellow, and it means something to them.

Having the CIPD qualification and the highest level of CIPD membership as a Chartered Fellow definitely counts and holds its weight.

The CIPD is a lot better now in many respects and offers a broader range of services and activities for members. As a Chartered Fellow I get more involved in CIPD consultations. I think the CIPD should continue to stay in touch and consult with its most senior members and understand what's important to them.

Being a Chartered Fellow has undoubtedly been really helpful to get me to where I am in my career.

Neil Mercer Chartered FCIPD
Interim Consultant

“As a Chartered Fellow I value the CIPD's
thought-leadership around new policy, government legislation and trends in leadership and management. It helps me develop a professional view in my job.”

A lot of organisations see Chartered Fellow as professional endorsement. It shows people that I've got lots of good experience and it gives me status for working at a strategic level.

On a personal level becoming a Chartered Fellow has changed others perception of what I can do.

Having those letters after my name really make it all worthwhile.

As a Chartered Fellow I'm connected to other senior HR professionals. I also enjoy reading the new CIPD journal Work. which I receive as a Chartered Fellow.

Kelly Sandiford Chartered FCIPD
OD Manager, Thurrock Council

Exclusive benefits for Chartered Fellows

Supporting your strategic needs

As a Chartered Fellow you're part of an exclusive group of senior HR and development professionals. Your Chartered Fellow status offers you an exciting platform to engage in the big debates and affect change in the profession. Your CIPD membership as a Chartered Fellow continues to evolve to meet your strategic needs and inspire you in shaping the future of the profession internationally.

The designation Chartered FCIPD is a badge of your credibility, inspiring confidence with others. It demonstrates compliance with good governance, CIPD Code of Professional Conduct and commitment to CPD.

Praise for Work.

Work. the new strategic quarterly journal, exclusive to CIPD Chartered Fellows, continues to impress.

“Congratulations on a first class business journal. I received it today and have read it with huge interest; extremely interesting and relevant articles. You have pitched it perfectly and it is a high quality product. More of the same please.”

“Exactly what's needed 4 senior #HR wider, business focussed, #thoughtleadership pieces; it's what Dr ordered.”

Leading-edge research and policy

Providing you with thought-leadership perfectly grounded in the real world. As a Chartered Fellow you have access to the latest thinking in HR, L&D and business through the CIPD's high-profile thought-leadership and policy work ( zero hour contracts, migration, youth skills and employability, flexible working) and leading-edge research (e.g. behavioural science, trustworthy leadership and HR metrics).

We know how important it is for you to be able to network with like-minded senior professionals in a timely and confidential way. As part of our commitment to you to ensure that your membership as a Chartered Fellow meets your strategic needs, you can get involved in the following senior networking events, exclusive to Chartered Fellows:

Fellow Network

This new senior networking event is exclusively for Chartered Fellows and has been created to stimulate wider, strategic thinking and collaboration amongst senior HR and L&D professionals. The first event takes place on the evening of Tuesday 14 July in London.

Fellow Connection

Following the successful pilot of Fellow Connection, the senior roundtable networking events for Chartered Fellows in the Manchester area, we’ll be rolling out more Fellow Connection events this year.

As a Chartered Fellow you can share your knowledge and experience by giving back through mentoring (Steps Ahead Mentoring and Inspiring the Future), volunteering through your local CIPD branch or speaking at CIPD events.

You now also have access to the following career management tools to keep you at the top of your game:

If you're looking to get back into the world of world after an extended period, you now have access to back to work support services, including webinars and an outplacement scheme through Penna.