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‘A lot of HR professionals are actually on their own… It can be quite lonely. You're there trying to communicate with senior leaders in an organisation about how to do things the best way and the CIPD helps me to feel part of a wider community.’

Nicola Barber Chartered MCIPD
HR Leader UK and Ireland

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The badge of your credibility

As a Chartered Member of the CIPD you're recognised for your professionalism and commitment to best practice in HR and L&D. The letters Chartered MCIPD after your name are a badge of your credibility, demonstrating:

  • up to the minute professional knowledge and experience
  • a commitment to CPD and the CIPD's Code of Professional Conduct.

Your Chartered Member status inspires confidence with employers and clients, and reduces risk for your organisation. Chartered Membership will help to further your career - opening doors to promotion, a higher salary and an increased range of job opportunities.

Chartered Member stories

“The CIPD has been central to my career development. It has brought me career success.”

During this time the CIPD has changed a fair bit. CIPD has made a conscious effort to be current and evolve. To be at the forefront of the HR agenda.

CIPD is aware of the demands of its many members and helps them by providing services to fit in their busy schedules. They're quite innovative. For example I chose to upgrade my membership to Chartered Member after they introduced upgrading through telephone assessment. The website has also gone through changes, offering better user-ability and information.

The CIPD has been central to my career development. It has brought me career success.

CIPD has brought me career success through my CIPD qualification and Chartered Member status. It brings me status and recognition for the knowledge and professional experience I bring. The designation is widely acknowledged. It shows you've achieved something and in turn it means a lot to people.

My CIPD membership also brings me community – facilitating the bringing together of people from different parts of the profession to exchange ideas and learn from peers.

I also value the practical side of my membership with employment law updates and factsheets. It keeps me in touch and my knowledge current.

Over the past year I've observed how the CIPD is evolving for it's members, introducing new technology and career support. The new member benefit my CPD Map is a really useful interactive career progression tool, especially as I am in a stand alone role. It helps keep me focused on my own career progression objectives.

And once you start looking for job adverts of a certain level, for example HR Business Partner or HR Manager, you realise that Chartered Member is a consistent requirement.

On a personal note, achieving Chartered Member status means a lot to me. I like using the designation. I'm proud of it. It demonstrates all the hard work I put in personally and professionally. It gives me career growth.

The CIPD has been very supportive and valuable so far. The CIPD is very innovative for its members. Keep on doing what you're doing.

Gareth Germain Chartered MCIPD

“Chartered Member gives me credibility. Something to be proud of.”

I'm an HR Business Partner with APM Group. I joined in 2007 and have been working in HR since 2006. HR was always something that I wanted to and as far as I was concerned CIPD is fundamental to my career journey.

As a Chartered Member CIPD gives me credibility. Something to be proud of. It signifies that I've worked hard to understand HR and how it benefits the business. CIPD sets the standard for progressing. It gives me a clear path in terms of how I can develop, ideally up to Chartered Fellow one day.

The CIPD membership is very supportive. There are helpful people I can reach out to. I find the member Communities and Forums really useful. They allow me to learn from situations. It's that shared experience, which I love.

The CIPD website is also a trusted place to visit and get information. I use the Employment Law FAQs and Factsheets.

Looking ahead I'd love to continue to learn. I hope that CIPD will continue to support my journey and keep my technical knowledge and skills up to date.

Emma Vernon Chartered MCIPD
HR Business Partner, APM Group

“My CIPD Chartered Membership has opened doors. More and more organisations ask for CIPD accreditation.”

I run my own HR consultancy business and I'm a Chartered Member. I've been working in HR since 2005, working at the MOD. My first role was setting up HR shared services for the Civil Service. However I was working in people management before working in HR. So I've always had a close affiliation with HR. In my time working within the profession, HR has become a lot smarter. There's been an evolution in HR where the right tasks are now sitting with the right people.

CIPD has changed also. It has become more common for job requirements – in entry as well as high profile roles. It's also recognised more abroad. People know the CIPD brand and it's a hallmark of quality.

Becoming a CIPD member was something that I should have done sooner. So I set aside time to get my CIPD Chartered Membership through Experience Assessment. It was something that I always wanted to do. The CIPD Chartered MCIPD badge is important to me. I use it on my LinkedIn profile and on my CV.

My CIPD Chartered Membership has opened doors. More and more organisations ask for CIPD accreditation. People see the CIPD brand and they know it means you have earned it.

It's a hallmark of quality and as a result people ask that you have it. It's never too late to do it!

Looking to the future, I'm looking to the CIPD to keep evolving and getting stronger. Because the stronger the CIPD brand the better represented I feel as an HR professional. I value being part of the CIPD, reaching out to other member for advice on situations I'm dealing with.

I'm delighted to be part of this community. I'll continue to be part of it. Who knows I may even take the plunge and go for Chartered Fellow next.

Paul Wickes Chartered MCIPD
Independent HR Consultant

Chartered Member benefits

Your CIPD membership continues to evolve to meet your professional needs as a Chartered Member and support your career development.

As a Chartered member your membership provides you with access to senior networks and a platform to have real influence, inspiring the next generation.

Exclusive access to the latest thinking in HR, L&D and business through the CIPD's thought-leadership and policy work (including zero hour contracts, migration, youth skills and employability, flexible working) and leading-edge research (e.g. behavioural science, trustworthy leadership and HR metrics).

Take part in senior and special interest networking opportunities through your local CIPD branch or at national or international events CIPD events.

Give back to the profession and share your knowledge and experience through mentoring (Steps Ahead Mentoring and Inspiring the Future), volunteering through your local CIPD branch or speaking at CIPD events.

You now also have access to the following tools to keep your career on track:

  • CIPD Career Hub, your one-stop shop for advice, articles, career planners and more
  • my CPD Map, your interactive online career assessment tool

Plus, we'll be launching new enhanced career support services, tailored to your level of membership.

If you're looking to get back into the world of world after an extended period, you now have access to back to work support services, including webinars and an outplacement scheme through Penna.