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‘Having looked back on the decision to join the CIPD I think it was totally worth the financial investment, the industry professionals who have come to speak to us have really added so much perspective to all of those subjects we have been studying…’

Sonam Taneja
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Continuing your CIPD membership after qualifying ensures you stay on track to achieve professional membership of the CIPD. When you complete your studies you'll become an Associate member, which is the first level of CIPD professional membership. Moving to Associate is free and automatic and you can use the letters Assoc CIPD after your name to demonstrate to employers that you've achieved a level of professional competence and credibility.

Student member stories

“As a Student member, I appreciate the vast range of resources and journal articles available through the CIPD website and the discounts on textbooks, events and other resources.”

I'm studying the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management through DPG. It's a two year course, which I'll complete in January 2017. I chose this course as it was the most appropriate for moving into a HR specific role after completing a Level 5 Diploma in School Business Management. I enjoy learning, so I'll probably continue my studies after doing the Level 7 Advanced Diploma.

Career-wise – I'm looking to develop my role to become more strategic in nature. In time I'd like to move onto different sectors and industries to gain greater knowledge and experience in a variety of areas.

I am still learning just how much I can gain through my CIPD membership. I really value the information updates from the website, People Management magazine and contributing to research studies. As a Student member, I also appreciate the vast range of resources and journal articles available through the CIPD website and the discounts on textbooks, events and other resources. Membership gives me access to cutting-edge research and to contribute to it. As a HR Manager it's important that I keep up to date with the latest news and developments.

For me CIPD membership is also about feeling part of a wider community of HR professionals.

I'm really excited about what comes next in my career. Once I have qualified, I'll move up from Student to Associate member. Associate is the first level of professional membership and with further study I'm hoping that I can eventually upgrade my membership to Chartered Member as this appears to fit the current stage of my career.

Being a professional member will give me greater ability to help shape the HR of tomorrow and will give me that 'professional clout' within the industry. It is a stamp of approval that confirms I am a HR professional working at a high level.

CIPD is also supporting me in my career. I have access to the CIPD Profession Map and my CPD Map, both of which help me to evaluate what stage I am at within my career, whether I am ready to move on to new things, or if not, what I need to do to get there.

If I was to offer one bit of advice to someone starting out in the profession, I would say that “If you are prepared to work very hard, a career in HR can be one of the most exciting and rewarding areas to work in. I love it!

Cory Sydee
Student member

“Your time spent studying goes so quickly, but CIPD membership can really help you study smarter.”

I am currently studying for my CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management at De Montfort University in Leicester. I'll be finishing my studies in May this year, after which I'll move into CIPD professional membership, as an Associate member.

Prior to starting the course I really struggled to obtain any form of work experience in the field. So I chose to do the CIPD postgraduate qualification in order to further develop and enhance my current skill set and knowledge to build a successful career within Human Resources.

I'm a Student member and when I complete my level 7 CIPD qualification, I'll then become an Associate member, which is a professional level of CIPD membership. I look forward to using the letters Assoc CIPD after my name to get the attention of prospective employers!

I really value the support, empowerment and inspiration that comes from being a CIPD member.

I have also relished the opportunity to take advantage of networking opportunities, allowing me to expand my professional network and share ideas with like-minded professionals. I attended the CIPD Student Conference at the start of the year and found it beneficial not only to growing my technical knowledge it was also invaluable to developing my soft skills.

I'm really proud to be a CIPD member. I chose to join when I started my studies because I know it will help me in my career. I'm excited about becoming a professional member too.

Becoming a professional member of the CIPD will really help me progress. It'll set me apart from the rest.

CIPD membership is not just about getting me through my studies. Now that I am approaching the end of my qualification I can see the career potential of becoming recognised as a professional member. Plus I'll continue to get access to all the great CIPD resources when I leave university, such as my CPD Map, research and People Management magazine, but with the added bonus of professional membership and letters after my name.

With the CIPD you definitely get out what you put in! So I would advise anyone starting out to make the most of your CIPD membership.

Your time spent studying goes so quickly, but membership can really help you study smarter.

Since joining the CIPD as a Student member, I've not looked back.

Camica Bond-Farrell
Student member

“The most valuable aspect of my membership is the opportunity to attend professional events and branch talks.”

I worked for 7 years in the service sector, running SME businesses many without a specific HR function. I came to realise that much of the work I enjoyed most was centred on HR or L&D interventions. I studied modules in HR on a postgraduate management qualification and realised that it was the area I'd like to specialise in for my career.

I made the decision to leave my full time role as a General Manager to concentrate fully on the MSc. My previous roles involved working with the Lawn Tennis Association helping to manage and develop High Performance Tennis Clubs. This year I have undertaken some consultancy roles working with businesses such as the Guildford Tennis Academy to help develop their people plans.

I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto the King's College London MSc programme in Human Resources Management and Organisational Analysis for the 2014/15 academic year. I applied for the course at King's due to the fantastic reputation of the institution and their lecturers, many of whom coined the concepts we use in HR.

The CIPD studies are integrated into the MSc and I am planning to work with Network Rail to complete the necessary project work for accreditation.

I am looking to work in a service focused business as an HR Advisor. I really enjoy working with people issues "on the front line" and given my past experience as a General Manager I hope to be able to support HR initiatives more effectively.

I am currently a Student member of the CIPD and will be eligible for an automatic upgrade to Associate upon completion of the MSc.

The fact sheets and resources on the CIPD member-only area of the CIPD have been very useful but the most valuable aspect of membership is the opportunity to attend professional events and branch talks. The events discuss the poignant issues in the profession and allow networking opportunities with other HR colleagues.

Having left an industry without a "professional" body it is a refreshing feeling to know that there is a network of professionals joined through CIPD and that we are as a collective able to drive change and support each other in best practice.

HR and L&D are the centre of business, whilst some organisations do not necessarily recognise the interventions as "HR" they would certainly miss them if they didn't have them. I do not regret working as a General Manager before embarking on a career in HR as it is this experience that has allowed me to see just how important HR is to the business and what an exciting industry it is to work in.

Richard Shepherd
Student member

“I feel supported by the CIPD. If I have any HR-related issues I know where to turn to.”

I started to study HR in Pakistan. I always wanted to know how a company works behind the scenes. I also like working with people so HR was just the perfect choice to bring these together. While I was studying I joined a small company to develop my skills and after I finished my education I joined Huawei Technologies, an international telecom company, where I became Human Resource Manager. In 2010, for family reasons, we moved to the UK and as I didn't have either English degree or experience I couldn't find job in HR. That is why I had to join EAT.

To get my HR career off the ground in the UK, I am studying Level 5 in Human Resource Management at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London college. I would like to pursue my career in HR here in England as well. My studies will finish in June 2015. After my studies I would like to do internship to obtain experience and continue my studies towards a PhD.

I feel supported by the CIPD. If I have any HR-related issues I know where to turn to. I'm currently a Student member of the CIPD. What I like most about my membership is that it keeps me up to date about changes in Employment law, CIPD research and policy news. I also enjoy reading People Management magazine and how I can connect with the CIPD community. CIPD offers a wide range of information, research papers, articles and journals which I can use during my studies to develop my knowledge. They provide all the information any CIPD Student and successful HR personnel can wish for.

I am not a professional CIPD member just yet. But when I complete my CIPD qualification, I'll automatically move to Associate member, which is CIPD's first stage of professional membership. I feel that with obtaining a CIPD qualification and a professional level of membership that it improves my chances of getting a better job.

Muhammad Abubakir Khan
Student member

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