Reward special interest group events

Our Reward special interest group events provide a forum for discussion, networking and information sharing for HR professionals interested in reward management. You’ll interact with reward experts from the CIPD and from a range of backgrounds and organisations.

Webinar – The Behavioural Science of Reward

23 September 2015 (free for CIPD members)


Host – Charles Cotton, Public Policy Advisor – Reward, CIPD

This webinar:

  • introduced and explained key insights from research in the behavioural sciences (Cognitive Psychology, Organisational Cognitive Neuroscience, Behavioural Economics)
  • highlighted the latest thinking on how people approach risk, how people respond to incentives, the cognitive biases that influence people’s choices and the shortcuts people use in making decisions
  • considered the implications of these findings for the design and implementation of reward systems in organisations.


Dr Ben Lupton

Ben is Prinicpal Lecturer in Human Resource Management at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School and leads the University’s research into HRM as head of the Centre for People and Performance. Ben has spent many years directing MMU’s accredited CIPD programmes and has researched extensively in the areas of employment equality and reward, with his research having been published widely in learning academic journals.

Mr Richard Whittle

Richard holds a Senior Lectureship in Behavioural Economics at Manchester Metropolitan University and heads an international research team studying risk taking behaviour. As well as being Associate Director and Lead Economist of the the Behavioural Economics Consultancy Unit at Manchester Metropolitan University, Richard directs HMRC’s postgraduate fiscal policy programme for ministerial advisors and leads on the behavioural policy unit.

Dr Andrew Rowe

Andrew is currently Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Manchester Metropolitan University, leading a variety of post-experience courses and successfully supervising at doctoral level. Andrew has published in a range of international journals and has written on a range of topics, including executive remuneration, female expatriation, international human resource management and the behavioural science of reward.