Learning and development in a socially networked age  - podcast 54

Date: 03 May 2011
Duration: 00:25:07
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Philippa introduces our speakers, John Baker, former Development and HR Operations Director, Legal & General, Charles Elvin, Director, Centre of Professional Learning and Development, The Open University. Clive Hutchinson, Company Leader, Cougar Automation and John McGurk, Learning and Talent Adviser, CIPD.

John McGurk assess how e-learning is increasing in the workplace but wonders about how effectively it is used and evaluated in companies. He is a convert to the Twitter method of sharing of information. Later he adds to the discussion on the age divide in the use of social media.

Charles Elvin from the Open University discusses the shift from training to learning and self-directed learning and how to get value from it, pointing to a basic difference, as he sees it, between Facebook and Twitter. He enthuses about the effect of tablet computing, about - i-pads and others, for which the Open University has done studies and even has a professor of i-learning.

John Baker speaking from his experience at Legal and General, wonders how it is to be integrated into the workplace and reckons that we are at the early stages of the experiment.  He has used the company's own collaborative learning programmes to enhance learning at L & G.  Listen to his decision on Access to Twitter and Facebook and other social media.

At Cougar, Clive, who is interested in his people achieving goals, is relaxed about the use of social media. He thinks that development is now not as company-centred as it used to be. See if you agree and compare his opinion with your experience.  When it comes to worrying about people leaving because they have open access to social media and the changing job market he is less concerned.  

Useful links and other information

The Learning and develop surveys were mentioned in the podcast.

The CIPD paper, Supporting, accelerating and directing learning: implications for trainers, was also mentioned.  If you would like to see it

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