Organisational development - podcast 28

Date: 02 February 2009
Duration: 17:12
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Philippa Lamb finds out about organisational development, the concept and how it can be put in place in different ways at different organisations. Her guests are:

Linda Holbeche, Director of Research and Policy at CIPD.

Christine Lloyd, Executive Director, People and Organisation Development, for Cancer Research UK.

James Anderson-Dixon, who works in the Business Services Department of Nationwide, a building society.

Martina Platts, who has worked on human capital with many companies including PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM Global Business Services.

First we hear Linda Holbeche give her definition of organisation development. Philippa wonders where you start with such a big concept, given that it incorporates so many ideas.  Listen to Linda's answer.

Then we find out how Christine Lloyd at Cancer Research UK, began the project there and how it changed over the next six months, rising to the challenges identified along the way. The process has not been without opposition. She explains what happened when there was a clash of ideas and how the project has been kept on track. 
At Nationwide, James Anderson-Dixon, identifies his role in this fast-changing company as one of helping people cope with change. Efficiency and organisation effectiveness are key and individuals are being helped to identify their roles and responsibilities within the changing company. Hear how James has tackled this in a surprising and innovative way.  He says later, that this is an on-going process.

Martina Platts from IBM describes the methods used in their global context. Philippa wonders how Martina brings her goals to the seven and a half thousand people she manages. Individual employees will need to feel comfortable in this culture which is very task and target oriented. Listen and see if you are the sort of person who might thrive in this company. 

Linda thinks that organisation development should be a systemic, on-going process.
Christine talks about measuring the benefits of organisational development: some short term and some long term. Christine is determined to keep the process as a central pillar of her strategy.

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