Attracting the brightest and the best - podcast 52

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Date: 01 March 2011
Duration: 00:22:49
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Philippa Lamb and Georgina Kvassay head to Manchester to talk to some undergraduates who are thinking about a career.
What comes to mind when HR is mentioned?
Listen to three students describe their thoughts. First we meet Claire Fitzpatrick and Tom Hickman who have challenging, but not uncommon views, then Olivia Flatley, who has a different perspective.

Georgina thinks that HR doesn’t do a great job promoting the profession. Listen to her describe what she hears as she goes round the country talking with students.

Sam Westwood did choose an HR degree from the outset. Hear him talk about why he thought it would an interesting and varied career for him and his description of what he has done that keeps him interested and ambitious. Philippa asks him about his long, and medium-term plans.

Georgina and Philippa observe that people often fall into HR and ask Sam how his colleagues at McDonald’s came to HR. If you didn’t initially choose this career path, listen to their discussion, it may strike a chord.

Head of HR for traditional French bakery, Paul UK, Esther O’Halloran, explains how she came from fashion to an HR career which involved some quick thinking at an interview, even offering to dye her hair.

Looking back, Esther remembers how at the beginning of her career she was doing ‘personnel’ and how this has expanded to become a much broader concept. Georgina let’s us into a secret that Esther was too modest to mention.

Esther wants to know how her people feel about working for Paul. She uses HR metrics in conjunction with employee attitudes. Bad attitudes, she finds, cost money and other Directors need to know.

The focus group in Manchester has been told about the ‘real’ HR. Find out how the students’ views changed having heard Georgina give them some more relevant information about making a successful and satisfying career in human resources.

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