Employment law - podcast episode 10

Date: 30 July 2007
Duration: 18mins (10.4Mb)
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Show notes and useful links

About this podcast

This podcast looks at the employment law surrounding employee status, bonus schemes, harassment, age discrimination and pensions.

Opinions are sought from:

Ian Smith, Clifford Chance Professor of Employment Law at the Norwich Law School, University of East Anglia.

Dominic Regan, solicitor and leading legal trainer.

Rachel Dineley, partner and head of the National Diversity and Discrimination at Beachcroft LLP.

David Farmer, Head of Pensions at Beachcroft LLP.


Philippa Lamb asks Ian Smith about the latest developments.

Interview 1

Philippa Lamb asks Ian Smith to summarise the many developments seen in employment law this year and what this means for practitioners. She asks him to explain what is happening on the family-friendly front, both now and in the future.

Interview 2

Dominic Regan explains issues around determining whether an employee is, or is not an employee. He would like to see more clarity.

They move on to discuss bonus schemes and the legal issues around the awarding them.

Interview 3

Dominic discusses harassment cases and the length of time after the event that cases can be brought. He also provides a list of things employers to do to protect themselves. There’s a reminder to listeners that Ian Smith and Dominic Regan will be speaking at our Annual Conference in September.

Interview 4

Rachel Dineley explains to Philippa Lamb what is happening next on discrimination. She also discusses age discrimination and common misconceptions in the recruitment process, going on to talk about other, possible areas of discrimination in pay, performance and in contractual issues, such as retirement age and pension considerations. Philippa asks Rachel how HR people should best deal with individuals who feel they are victims of discrimination, to ensure the potential of a court case is minimised.

Interview 5

The complicatons of age discrimination and pensions are discussed between David Farmer and Philippa. David suggests what can be done to make sure that nothing is discriminatory.

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