Tom Stewart interview - podcast episode 16

Date: 05 February 2008
Duration: 23mins (13.98Mb)
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Philippa Lamb asks Tom the contentious question: why is the US better than us?

Tom gives three possible reasons why this might be the case. He also refers to an HBR study by Nohria, Joyce and Roberson of 160 companies looking at what management and leadership practices really work. Tom explains the four conclusions and how they are relevant to HR departments. He touches on what HR departments are not doing and has an amusing anecdote.

Philippa wants to hear how Tom might use this information in a practical way to encourage team building. Tom illustrates his answer by referring to an article by Lynda Gratton and Tamara Erickson in November 2007, on project teams. Diverse, large teams need skilled management and Tom explains how this is done. You may find his ideas controversial.

‘How do you measure team performance?’ Philippa asks. Tom is honest enough to say he has no pat answer, but he does have some good tips.

Lastly, Philippa wonders what HR could do better. Tom explains, using two headings: hygiene and equity. Listen to find out more.

Useful links to research mentioned:

NOHRIA, Nitin, JOYCE, William and ROBERSON,Bruce. What really works. Harvard Business Review. Vol.81 No.7 July 2003 pp.43-52 (10 pages)

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