Social networking, recruitment and HR - podcast episode 22

Date: 22 July 2008
Duration: 17:16mins (10.2MB)
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In this podcast we consider the impact of the internet on HR. We hear how three very different organisations have used Web 2.0.  The CIPD is doing some research on the impact of Social networking on HR.

Discussing the issues with Philippa Lamb are:

Martyn Sloman, CIPD’s Learning, Training and Development Adviser

Richard Mound, Associate Partner of Human Capital Management at IBM

Julia Porter-Robinson, T-mobile’s Senior Recruitment Manager

Stephen Foulston, the Royal Opera House’s HR Manager

First, Philippa Lamb asks Richard Mound for a definition of Web 2.0, then we hear from Martyn Sloman, who takes this further, also looking at what it means for HR and for the ‘net gen’ – those who have grown up with the internet.

One of the challenges, says Richard Mound, is  meeting the expectations of the net gen and reconciling them with the more traditional ways of doing things.

Julia Porter talks about how T-mobile used Web 2.0 during a recruitment process and explains its huge and on-going benefits. Julia tells us later in the podcast, that it is important to be focused on how and when to use the technology, and gives some examples.

At the Royal Opera house, Stephen Foulston reveals how he used YouTube to increase the number of applicants and make sure that the company reached a more diverse group. He later reveals how senior personnel were won over.

Richard Mound explains the strategy behind using Web 2.0 in IBM’s recruitment process. He also goes into some detail about the portal he set up and how it was used in the organisation.

Where to start with Web 2.0? Listen to Martyn and Philippa discussing this question. 

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