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NUS Commission on the Future of Work

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NUS’ Commission on the Future of Work

Published July 2014

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In June 2014, the CIPD submitted evidence to the National Union of Students’ (NUS) Commission on the Future of Work.

The Commission sought views on the key challenges facing students and study-leavers, employers and educational bodies. The NUS also sought to explore how more jobs can be created, how issues around pay, progression, terms and working conditions can be improved, and how young people from all backgrounds can be helped into work.

In the CIPD response we highlighted several key structural barriers to young people’s transition from education to work, including:
  • employer behaviour – a lack of opportunities for young people, recruitment practices that are not ‘youth-friendly’ and a preference for ‘off-the-shelf’ employees
  • employer perceptions – including the belief that young people require significant additional support and supervision, require modifications to the workplace and are difficult to manage
  • young people being unprepared for the labour market – a lack of high quality careers guidance in schools, a lack of information about different routes to employment (vocational routes in particular), a lack of information and guidance on recruitment process and limited knowledge of how to sell themselves to employers.
In our response we explore these issues in greater depth and suggest practical solutions to some of the barriers highlighted, based on a wealth of evidence accrued as part of the CIPD’s Learning to work programme.

Find out more about Learning to work and our role in encouraging employers to increase investment in young people.