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Work, wages and well-being in the Scottish labour market

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Work, wages and well-being in the Scottish labour market

Published October 2015

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In June 2015, the Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee launched a call for evidence to inform its inquiry on work, wages and wellbeing in the Scottish labour market. The Head of CIPD Scotland, Dr John McGurk, was also invited to provide oral evidence to the Committee. 

The object of the inquiry was to explore job quality in the Scottish labour market, specifically how employment has changed since the 2008/09 recession. The inquiry was to consider the characteristics and contrasting qualities of different jobs by looking at areas such as wages, hours, contract types, worker autonomy, training and development opportunities and task variation. 

The Committee is also particularly interested in the health, social and economic impacts of low pay and low quality work, and the extent to which Scottish Government policies can improve the quality of work and wellbeing of workers in Scotland. 

Dr John McGurk sat before the Committee giving oral evidence on Wednesday 30 September 2015.