Use your expertise to help prepare young people for the world of work and the recruitment process, so they are equipped with the key employability skills you look for.

Our research reveals a clear mismatch between employers’ expectations of young people during the recruitment process and young people’s understanding of what is expected of them. A key issue reported by employers is that many young people seem to be unsure about how to market themselves. They don’t know how to write a CV that highlights their best qualities and they struggle to explain their experience during interviews.

This is hindering young people’s access to the labour market and contributing to high rates of youth unemployment. It is also causing a ticking time bomb of skills shortages for UK businesses, which are unwittingly cutting themselves off from a diverse pool of talent.

However, HR professionals, who often hold responsibility for the recruitment of new staff, hold the key to addressing this mismatch. The advice you could provide to a young person around basic employability skills such as CV writing, interview technique and job search could make a huge difference to a young person’s future prospects and ultimately help make your recruitment processes run more smoothly.

Read Employers are from Mars, young people are from Venus to find out more about some of the difficulties young people face when looking for work.


Volunteer as a Steps Ahead Mentor to provide six one to one mentoring sessions for a young jobseeker. Not only will you be helping a young person gain the skills they need to find employment but it also provides an opportunity for you to develop your own mentoring and coaching skills.

You can also volunteer to deliver one off CV and interview advice sessions via the HR option of the Inspiring the Future initiative.

Another simple way you could help a young person starting out on their journey into work is to signpost them to our guide, Employment Top Tips from the People Who Recruit. The guide, based on advice from employers and young people, provides loads of helpful advice on job search, applications and interviews.

Your organisation

Ensure your organisation or industry is incorporated into Plotr, an excellent online resource for young people thinking about their future career. We are also encouraging larger organisations to get your whole HR team to sign up as Steps Ahead Mentors. To find out more and arrange a follow up meeting please email