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Pensions automatic enrolment: learning the lessons

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Pensions automatic enrolment: learning the lessons

Published May 2013

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The Government’s flagship pension programme of automatic enrolment compels employers to have in place suitable pension arrangements to which both employers and workers must contribute, and to enrol eligible workers automatically unless individuals choose to opt out of schemes.

This report examines the implications of pension auto-enrolment for the HR function under two broad headings:

  • operational issues – what auto-enrolment involves and what HR professionals will need to do or change to ensure compliance

  • strategic issues – the role of automatic pensions enrolment in supporting the employer value proposition and talent management programmes.

Based primarily on discussions at a half-day CIPD workshop, this report includes accounts of presentations from the Civil Service, BT and the Pensions Management Institute. It also incorporates information gathered subsequently via telephone interviews, including a case study of preparations and implementation at FirstGroup.