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Game on! How to keep diversity progress on track

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Game on! How to keep diversity progress on track

Published November 2012

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Driving diversity progress to deliver systemic change in the way organisations behave is a tough job even in times of prosperity. Against the current challenging economic backdrop, diversity and inclusion specialists need to be totally committed to keep up momentum.

Our guide for employers draws from CIPD research and focus group discussions with experts in the CIPD Senior Diversity Network to provide insights to help in progressing diversity and inclusion in organisations.

The guide offers observations and tips set out under the themes of:

  • using business knowledge to drive diversity and inclusion faster

  • leadership

  • creating game-changers by working closely with key stakeholders

  • using deadlines to deliver diversity and inclusion.

The guide also includes a personal viewpoint from Stephen Frost, Head of Diversity and Inclusion for LOCOG, about what he learned from designing and implementing diversity and inclusion for the London 2012 Olympic Games.