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Good management: a new (old) driver for growth?

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Good management: a new (old) driver for growth?

Published October 2011

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Following the recession and the subsequent ongoing economic downturn, there has been a renewed policy focus on new measures to help drive growth.  Developing workforce skills has emerged as one of the priorities.

This is not new as such, as skills have been recognised as a key driver for productivity over the last decade; however, significant past skills investments have not had the desired impact on productivity growth.

Almost a third of the UK’s workforce has some kind of people management responsibilities and it is time to establish what can be done differently to provide them with better support in this area.  Policy-makers now find themselves facing two choices: they can either continue to debate the need to improve management capability or make a change to the way the UK workforce is run, developing concrete interventions backed by serious political commitment.

This Work Horizon's report looks at past policy initiatives in the area of management and leadership and aims to stimulate a debate into why they have not resulted in any positive change.