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Unlocking workplace skills: what is the role for employers?

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Unlocking workplace skills: what is the role for employers?

Published November 2015

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One of the central ‘big ideas’ running through policy development on training and skills in England over the last few years has been employer ownership of skills. This report explores where the concept came from; what employer ownership means, not least from the different perspectives of government and employers; and what the implications of a shift towards greater employer ownership within skills policy might actually be for the various parties involved. 

Written by Professor Ewart Keep of the Centre on Skills, Knowledge & Organisational Performance at Oxford University, the report sets out a range of practical and conceptual questions about the broad concept of employer ownership of skills, with the hope of stimulating debate on these issues and helping employers and those who represent them to think through how they want employer ownership and wider skills policy to evolve in the coming years. 

‘The key question is whether the apprenticeship levy is a one-off development, or whether it might prove to be the thin end of the wedge and the start of a wider trend towards compelling employers to accept greater direct responsibility for skills formation.’ 

Content of the report

  • Introduction
  • Implications and issues
  • Final thoughts, issues and questions
  • References