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Work experience quality charter

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Work experience quality charter

Published April 2012

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Taken from our Work experience placements that work guide for employers, produced jointly with JobCentre Plus, our 'quality charter' sets out key principles to ensure that work experience placements have positive outcomes for the employer, the young person and society.

The download version provides a formatted version which we encourage employers to use for work placements in their own organisations.

The 10 principles are:

  1. The placement is tailored to the young person’s needs and circumstances. This includes finding out what the young person wants to get out of the placement, which skills they want to develop, what barriers they face and what their career aspirations are.

  2. There is clarity about the role that the young person plays in our organisation and how they will be supported, supervised and mentored by our employees.

  3. Expectations are managed, the young person knows what they will contribute, whether there are any job opportunities or not and how we might be able to help the young person to build their CV.

  4. The young person is treated as an active member of staff, but the placement is not used to fill a vacancy.

  5. The young person is introduced to the structure of working life; they are helped to learn and to develop a range of transferable skills, personal qualities and competencies which will contribute towards their employability.

  6. Success is celebrated and the young person has an enjoyable and positive work experience that encourages them to become more confident in their abilities.

  7. The young person is encouraged to relate their experiences and skills to the workplace and supported in making a more informed decision about their future. They receive open and honest feedback about what went well and what areas need to be improved and, if possible, advice on how to do this.

  8. We clearly explain to the young person up front what our expectations are: show an interest in the organisation and the industry and make the most of the opportunity; demonstrate a willingness to learn;respect the values of the host organisation; and abide by the rules.

  9. We work closely with the young person to make sure they use the placement to find out about the different employment options available and how to access them, including recruitment processes, and we support them in building a network of contacts.

  10. We have an integrated approach toworking with, investing in, recruiting and developing young people, with work experience placements being a part of our commitment to help young people to access and progress in our organisation.

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