Health and well-being

The CIPD is embarking on a long-term project on employee health and well-being. We think that HR has a vital role to play in creating healthier workplaces.

Our positioning report Growing the health and well-being agenda: from first steps to full potential builds on the research and guidance that the CIPD and others have already published and sets out key policy calls for employers and government. It includes a case study about the health and well-being programme at South Liverpool Homes, which is fully integrated into the business.

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Case study video: South Liverpool Homes 

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Well-being and finances

'Despite long-held taboos relating to individuals’ ability to discuss their personal finances, the concepts of financial well-being and financial resilience (or lack of) are now gaining traction. They illustrate the profound effect that concerns about personal finances have on individuals’ health and well-being.'


What have the experts got to say?

Browse our collection of 14 thought pieces, experts reflect on the business case for well-being, turning theory into practice, measuring employee well-being and the need to focus on good mental health in the workplace.


CIPD Podcast 106 - Promoting and supporting good mental health

John Binns, a well-being and personal resilience advisor, Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind and Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk and former Minister of State at the Department of Health discuss how employers can work to tackle the root causes of mental health problems and provide measures to foster good mental health in their organisations.