Social media in HR

Social technology, social business?

This report provides a snapshot of how much social media and technology have taken hold in the world of work and looks into why we use social technology for business and what benefits we see.

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Putting social media to work: lessons from employers

This report explores the potential of social media for use with and by employees. Drawing on case study research, it aims to shed light on how this potential is being realised.

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Putting social media to work: case studies

These case studies for CIPD members accompany our research report and trace the journeys of organisations in developing their use of social media with employees.

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Social media and employee voice: the current landscape

Reviews existing literature on the opportunities that social media opens up for employee voice. It also includes suggestions on how employees can be encouraged to express their voice through social media.

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Pre-employment checks: an employer’s guide

Provides advice to employers on how to conduct checks before employing an individual in a way that will support business objectives.

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Research blog  

Digital and social technologies are at the forefront of many current debates on work, employment and organisations. Social media in particular is thought to be shaping issues such as employee voice, collaboration, recruitment, learning and development and employee engagement. The journey of becoming a socially networked business is ongoing.

Recruitment using social media - a discussion  

Watch our social media experts discuss the latest ideas on recruitment using social media in our short video.