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COVID-19: Let us know what you think of the Government's unprecedented support for workers...

Good evening Everyone. In response to the Chancellor’s unprecedented package of financial measures...
Steve Bridger

21 Apr, 2020 12:45

Coronavirus: what contingency plans are you putting in place?

We've had a discussion thread already touching on the Coronavirus (COVID-19), but things have moved...
Steve Bridger

29 Apr, 2020 06:43

Are any other HR people feeling a bit lonely in all this :(

Hi Sorry its a self indulgent one. Just wondering if anyone else is feeling a bit lonely? I have...

21 Apr, 2020 22:05

Coronavirus: Your workplace questions

At this difficult time, we'd like to offer people managers (and others) who are not CIPD Members an...
Steve Bridger

18 May, 2020 08:22

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David D'Souza - Coronavirus: An HR challenge like no other


By David D'Souza, Membership Director at the CIPD. The past few weeks have seen unprecedented levels of change in our way of life, with the impact on people and organisations being impossible to avoid. The impact has been overwhelming for m...

Policy at work - Let’s put our hearts into inclusion for the LGBT+ community


By Claire McCartney, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor at the CIPD. A Government-backed national survey, launched in July and released yesterday, shows a worrying level of negativity towards LGBT+ individuals at work. It represents the largest survey...