The CIPD is committed to becoming more environmentally conscious

By Oli Howard, Membership Strategy Lead.

As an organisation, the CIPD is committed to becoming more environmentally conscious. We’re working with our staff, members, partners and stakeholders on our approach to sustainability across all our activities, recognising our environmental impact and carbon footprint. There are two recent examples of this which you may have noticed as CIPD members.

People Management

Since August 2019, People Management Magazine is delivered to each UK based CIPD member in fully recyclable packaging. Our chosen paper wrap packaging is 100% recyclable and from sustainable sources. Aside from being better for the environment, we felt paper wrapping was the best alternative given the ease of recyclability of the packaging, which can be placed in your usual paper/card recycle bins. We felt this was the best option having reviewed a number of alternative options including potato starch wrapping. The magazine itself is of course 100% recyclable too.

Membership Cards

As part of membership renewals in July 2019 we sent out a new type of membership card, which was 70% less plastic than the previous membership cards we'd always used. However we did have some problems with the quality of these cards* and as such we have since sourced a new type of card which has been sent out to those who requested a replacement and all new members who have joined since July. This new card is 100% plastic free and completely recyclable yet retains all the qualities you would expect from your CIPD membership card. *If you need a replacement card (due to the earlier mentioned quality issues) for the membership year 2019/2020 then please give us a call on 020 8612 6208.

Internally, we've also set up a internal sustainability group, formed of individuals from across the organisation who are passionate and dedicated to minimising our environmental impact. The group is sponsored by a member of our senior leadership team to ensure it has the mandate and support needed to make change happen. This group will be looking at ways we can further reduce our environmental impact and we will keep members informed as this work progresses.

You can keep up to date with all of the CIPD's Corporate Responsibility work here. 

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