A Membership update

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing the results of our Membership Survey and doing a deep dive into the key areas. Ahead of that series of posts, I wanted to share with you some of our recent highlights, especially around the areas of communication, providing useful and timely resources and demonstrating value: 

  • We're completely reviewing all of our member communications to make sure you get the messaging about what is of most value to you in the most effective way 
  • We continue to improve and update our Membership Benefits page that we launched last year, making it easier to see what's available to you. Based on your feedback we’ve divided the page into four sections -Supporting You, Development, Networks and Saving you Money 
  • Last year saw the formation of our almost 2000 strong Member panel to help shape our decisions and our output 
  • We launched a new part of the website that shows you recent improvements to the membership experience. Whether it is new guides, new research or updates to benefits you’ll find the latest developments here – so it’s worth checking back to see where we are making progress. 

Broader highlights on the voice and reach side of what we do, include: 

On the horizon for the rest of 2019, you can look forward to research and practical content on a number of key areas including flexible working, an atypical workers guide, what works in inclusion and the evidence behind employee engagement. We’ll keep focusing on raising our quality of provision for you, raising awareness of what is available to you and raising the voice of the profession. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your continued support of the CIPD. Your support allows us to do all of the work I've touched on here, plus much, much more.  You allow us to take the profession forward and develop new guides, content and benefits which support that wider profession. 

Thank you for your comments. There may be a short delay in this going live on the blog page as we moderate the comments added to our blogs.