HRBP - Unlocking Value: using HR Analytics to drive value

By Edward Houghton, Research Adviser - Human Capital and Metrics, CIPD @EHoughtoncipd

From speaking to our members and the very many partners we work with at the CIPD, a theme I commonly encounter is one of the challenge of stepping beyond the reporting of data and in to the realm of business insight. What at first glance seems to be a simple enough exercise can be for many HR practitioners something which grows to encompass hours upon hours of meeting time, whether you work in a sophisticated department in a FTSE 100 global organisation, or a solo HR manager in a nimble SME, the question is the same : "how can I turn my data in to something I, and the business can use?"

The significant part of that question concerns the mention to the rest of the business. Speaking the language of the board,  of colleagues in finance, and of the wider stakeholder community, may be something entirely alien to some HR colleagues, or may come naturally to others. Depending on where you sit, your connectivity to the finance team (and their willingness to engage in dialogue), a HR manager can feel completely relevant to business strategy and purpose, or entirely disconnected. HR professionals can often be referred to as the critical friend of the business - raising the crucial questions every sustainable business needs answering  - where's our talent coming from?  How engaged are our key people? What trends should we be aware of? To explore these concerns with any weight, it’s increasingly vital to have robust data driving the discussion.

In my presentation at this week's HR Business Partner conference I will be exploring some of the above concerns and updating delegates on our Valuing your Talent project - our work to help HR professionals to get to grips with all of the above human capital issues and more. We know that all HR managers know they're adding value to the business, but it’s time to really have a go at the billion dollar question: how much?

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  • Maybe we should also be asking how knowledgeable and up to date our HR professionals are? Are they aware of the major trends in the industry? Are they competent enough, to realise that they can be strategic partners to the business? Do they know what they can contribute?