Law on Tour - Abracadabra!

By Cas Carrington

Have you noticed a tendency just lately for the notion that there are some quick fixes to managing employee relations issues?  The impression given is that there are some secret moves that can be imparted to solve your problems, as if there is a magic trick that you just have to know how to perform. Bells will ring, whistles will blow, and there, abracadabra, after three taps of a magic wand the solution is provided.

Well, call me a cynical kill joy, and I hate to spoil any illusions you may have, but...there is no such thing as magic, and anyone who offers you that false hope is leading you up the proverbial garden path. There is no substitute for knowing your law inside out and being able to put it into practice. Whether it’s dealing with discrimination claims, subject access requests under the GDPR, dismissals, handing TUPE, understanding and interpreting important case law, or managing the requirement to make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees, you just have to know your stuff. In this spring’s Law on Tour, we’ll be looking at all these issues, and also at ethnicity pay gap reporting, the current thinking on non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and law changes in the government’s ‘Good work plan’ coming in to force in 2020.

Over the years, I’ve met, literally, tens of thousands of HR professionals, many on Law on Tour, and I often wonder how all those people have fared in their careers. From time to time I bump into some of them and a little while ago, I was in a restaurant in London, when a former student bounded up to me with a huge smile on her face, and told me that she had passed her exams and that I had totally inspired her.

I was so touched by this.  How utterly lovely and generous of her to say that!  You know who you are, and I know you read my blog, so just to say an enormous ‘thank you’, as it’s just the kind of thing that makes me want to get up in the morning raring to go.  Well that, and my husband, and family, and friends, and work colleagues, and my chickens, of course, who all deserve a mention, and who together have made this sound like a flippin’ Oscar acceptance speech! Thank you, and moving swiftly on.

Inspiring delegates to have confidence in their knowledge and skill, and to put that knowledge into practice in the workplace is what John Fenton (my co-tutor) and I set out to do. In our experience, advising an organisation on employment law issues not only requires a thorough knowledge of the law but also the knack of applying that knowledge in a practical way and being able to explain what is required in a down to earth, clear, and confident way.  And that’s exactly what we aim to do for our delegates. The Tour just seems to hit the right mark for so many HR professionals and business leaders.

So, if you want to have the knowledge and confidence to advise your organisation on important employment issues, then get yourself booked on one of the Law on Tour sessions which kick off on 2 April in London. You’ll be brought up to date with what’s new in employment law, receive a comprehensive workbook to reinforce what you’ve learnt, and have a really fun, enjoyable day.

But if you’d rather go and watch a magic show…

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