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It’s an ill wind (that blows nobody any good). Having recently experienced some ridiculously cold weather in the South and having had to put up with the consequent commuter nightmare, due to slightly cold rails on the line (better than leaves I suppose), I’m having difficulty coming to terms with that old adage, but in terms of employment tribunal claims I guess there is more than a grain of truth in it.

When employment tribunal fees were introduced in July 2013, claims dropped off by nearly 80%. The recent statistics published by the employment tribunal service show that there was a 90 per cent increase in the claims received in the period September to December 2017 compared to the same period in 2016. So while employers may be handling more grievances and dreading the call from Acas, ‘would be’ claimants are very happy indeed.

While the Government has not ruled out implementing a fee structure for claims at some stage in the future it is clear that if they are reintroduced they will not reach the heady heights of before. I mean, really! £250 for lodging and £950 for proceeding to a full hearing for an unfair dismissal, or discrimination case, was never going to be held to be fair.

The Government has also indicated that even if fees are introduced they might not apply to cases that involve employment status. Talking of which, we will be discussing the employment status changes proposed and out for consultation on the Spring Law on Tour that kicks off on the 17 April 2018 in London. We’ll also be looking at how to put yourself in the best position to defend an employment tribunal claim, as well as a general employment news and case law update, and lots of other topical issues, such as sexual harassment, mental health, holiday pay, and the dreaded (although not quite so dreadful as you might think) EU GDPR.

If the EU GDPR is giving you sleepless nights, however, we will be addressing exactly what is required for compliance by HR, and the tour documentation will include a checklist for EU GDPR compliance for HR, a checklist for dealing with data security breaches, a checklist for dealing for subject access requests, and a data protection policy.

We’d love to see you on 17 April, but unfortunately that venue is sold out now, so to make sure that you can attend one of the remaining London dates, or other regional venues, get booking now!

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