• Is organisation design for me?

    By Warren Howlett, Head of HR Content at the CIPD.

    The shutters are down in the meeting room, through the open door you catch a glimpse of management consultants at the white board with the heading “Org Design Criteria”. Should HR be involved here? The answer is yes! Far too often we hear HR people say they have been brought into an organisation design project too late, and then need to scramble to deliver to the timescales…

    • 22 Jul 2019
  • Where do you find transformational ideas?

    Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning and Development Content, CIPD.
    Twitter: @AndyLancasterUK.

    In our fast-changing world, organisations cannot stand still. In the context of disruption, organisations must actively seek ways to transform and innovate to avoid decline or extinction.

    So, where do we find the key insights to underpin this transformation process?

    Steven Johnson in the TEDTalk “Where do great ideas come from…

    • 16 Mar 2018
  • Coaching – cult, cure or culture?

    By Stuart Haden, Programme Manager, CIPD

    Cultures evolve and develop over time; values emerge, sometimes forgotten, sometimes sustained. Culture transports value, as do coaching conversations. We all engage in culture whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not. Which is why it is important to define the subtleties of what’s around us.

    If it’s true that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ then it will…

    • 9 May 2017
  • 6 reasons why online learning is so important

    Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning and Development, CIPD

    Digital technology means that we can connect with others across the world and we now have the power to deliver brilliant learning experiences in an online setting.
    Online learning is not a technology of the future, it is a technology of now.
    Here are the top 6 reasons why online learning is so important:

    1. It’s about a dispersed, not just local, reach
    Many of…

    • 12 Sep 2016
  • Applying neuroscience to L&D initiatives

    By Ruth Stuart: Research Adviser, CIPD

    At our CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition in November we held a panel discussion exploring how findings from neuroscience can be applied to learning and development practice. We had fantastic participation from the audience and lots of insightful questions. We didn't have time to answer everything during the session, so here our panel have shared their thoughts…

    • 11 Dec 2014
  • Learning is like information; it wants to be set free

    By Perry Timms - CIPD Social Media & Engagement Adviser

    For how long have we shackled learning? For how long have we decided we know best about what, when and how people should, could and need to learn?  For how long have we thought that knowledge is power?

    Q: We haven't always been this way.  Surely?

    A: No we haven't.  We learned our way from basic, primitive civilisation to where we are now…

    • 7 Nov 2014
  • Testing the Ground

    By Niall Gavin,  Interim Head of L&D and Learning Technologies, First Group Plc

    "You'll never be able to walk the talk unless you're prepared to step out onto shaky ground first", said no-one ever - until I made it up just now.

    It sums up in one sentence my whole career history to date - actor, trainer, training manager, Head of L&D and now Head of Technology Assisted Learning. …

    • 17 Oct 2014
  • And what do you do?

    By Paul Taylor, Assistant Director at NHS Employers

    Have you ever had that moment in a taxi when the driver asks "... and what do you do?"

    Those conversations send shivers down my spine. I brace myself, put a wonky smile on and say "I work in Organisational Development". 

    Two seconds of silence. Awkwardness fills the air.  Sweat prickles on my forehead. "What's that?" comes the confused…

    • 10 Oct 2014
  • Lost: The Unexpected Truth About Misalignment

    By Perry Timms, Social Media & Engagement Adviser - CIPD

    A reflection on CIPD and Towards Maturity Research Report into Aligning Business and Learning ...

    23rd September saw the launch of an event report following a joint venture with CIPD joining with Towards Maturity to look at the following questions:

    • The expectations of business leaders
    • To what extent L&D activity is aligned with strategic…
    • 1 Oct 2014
  • Making ripples: Update on L&D activity at CIPD

    By Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning and Development at CIPD

    Time flies .. it's been just over six months since I joined CIPD as Head of Learning and Development.

    As well as running the Institute's "learning arm" a key part of my role has been to support CIPD's increased engagement with L&D practitioners.

    This was one of the reasons I felt so motivated to join CIPD. As a longstanding…

    • 30 Jul 2014
  • The BIG L&D opportunity and how to embrace it!

    By Laura Overton, Managing Director, Towards Maturity


    There is no doubt about it that this is THE hot topic for L&D leaders in 2014. Aligning business and learning has become the hot topic at every L&D conference, all the training magazines and across all the social media.

    Research also reflects the trend.The CIPD/Cornerstone On Demand Learning and Development Report 2014 showed…

    • 30 Jul 2014
  • Working out loud; importance and ideas

    By Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning and Development at CIPD

    I have always been pretty gregarious; happy to chat to anyone I meet and willing to share my view even when it is not fully worked through. Not only that I am always interested in what others are up to. You may call me nosey but other folk's ideas and practice and are just too fascinating to ignore! And why would I want to spend time re-inventing…

    • 18 Jul 2014
  • Modernising learning? Evidence to cut through the noise

    By Laura Overton, Managing Director, Towards Maturity

    L&D leaders are clearly looking to bring learning in the workplace completely.

    The latest CIPD research highlights the trends towards closer integration of learning and work. At any L&D event we see the focus on alignment, the role of technology (mobile, social, cloud - take your pick!), learning across generations, new models of learning and…

    • 19 Jun 2014
  • Is business delivering a sustainable legacy?

    By Jeremy Galpin, Training and Talent at The Costain Group


    As L&D and HR professionals we know that our people are more engaged when they believe in the strategy and purpose of the organisation and have a sense of shared identity and values. Different people are motivated by different things so our leadership strategy needs to address the diversity of the motivations of the people working in our business…

    • 18 May 2014
  • Are we sacrificing learning expertise for business focus?

    By Ruth Stuart, Learning and Development Research Adviser, CIPD

    The latest CIPD and Cornerstone OnDemand annual Learning and Development survey 2014 suggests that learning and development is increasingly becoming more business focused, with commercial awareness cited as the most valued skill. This is extremely encouraging and represents the growing awareness that L&D needs to be aligned with the business…

    • 10 May 2014
  • The curse or gift of core competence

    By Perry Timms, Founder and Director of People & Transformational HR

    I can hear the words now bouncing around my head.

    A former HRD of mine saying...

    "...so all of our learning must be mapped to the competency framework and everyone's learning must be linked to their core set of competences."

    And for years I stuck to that.  I almost made it my mantra "Does it map to your competences…

    • 26 Apr 2014
  • Materials scattered over a dusty road

    By Sue Hopgood, Associate Director of HR - OD, NHS Blood and Transplant

    A report on what to do when your leadership training materials are scattered all over a dusty road in the middle of Uganda!

    I am sitting in the shade, on a school playing field, on a hot and sunny February day in Gulu, North Uganda, with a group of leaders from the Blood Transfusion Service and Red Cross.  The blood collection…

    • 17 Apr 2014
  • Challenges create community (online)

    By Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning and Development, CIPD

    The recent UK floods have been a tragedy for some and a shock for all!

    However in the midst of the news coverage of people trying to recover from the ruin of their homes and businesses and the loss of belongings, a positive note was widely expressed. Julie West, owner of The Outlet clothing store in Datchet, a particularly devastated village,…

    • 5 Apr 2014
  • Like beautiful robots dancing alone

    By Paul Taylor, Head of Organisational Development, NHS Employers

    Last weekend I was 17 miles into a 20 mile run when I started to cry. I'm in the end stages of marathon training and it's getting harder.  Sometimes during those long runs, emotions well up from nowhere and the tears flow. It's not pretty, but it does give my running a boost.  After a good "run-cry" I seem to find a hidden burst…

    • 29 Mar 2014
  • We need space to innovate

    By Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning and Development at CIPD

    I have to confess that having initially undertaken a design degree I sometimes hanker after times spent quietly musing with a pen, blank sheet of paper, my own thoughts and the opportunity to doodle and dream. In fact a recent purchase of a sizeable man-shed which is currently being constructed in the garden may be linked.

    In our dynamic world…

    • 22 Mar 2014
  • In-the-job Learning

    By David James, Director of Learning, OD and Talent for The Walt Disney Company, EMEA


    Articles about the future of the workplace really excite me!

    When I read about 'virtual presence' and super-flexible workforces it makes me want to hop in the Delorean and live it now.

    I feel fortunate that I'm leading a project at Disney around Futures Thinking in which we make it our business to map emerging trends into…

    • 15 Mar 2014
  • Passion not just pedagogy

    By Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning and Development at CIPD

    "A spark could be enough to set them ablaze"
    Suzanne Collins, from "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"


    Passion - an intense emotion compelling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.
    Pedagogy - the science and art of education, specifically instructional theory.

    I first came across the term pedagogy when…

    • 3 Mar 2014