CIPD and the people profession in 2019

Happy New Year! If 2019 continues like our first full week back at CIPD HQ, we’re in for another intriguing and unpredictable year. Political change, economic uncertainty, and changes in the world of work will all continue to shape the context for all of us, and the need and opportunity for our profession to evolve with it remains as important as ever.

Integrating the New Profession Map

Last year, I was proud to launch our new Profession Map at our Annual Conference, and this year we will further integrate our learning programmes and support around the new Map. The Map will encourage people professionals at all levels to adapt and innovate, equipping them for the future and supporting the variety of career growth paths we see in our profession. It sets out the core knowledge, behaviours and specialisms and most importantly, it focuses us all on key principles, use and understanding of evidence, and driving our thinking from the perspective of outcomes.

During the process of building the new Map, we consulted with a wide range of our membership and beyond. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved, and urge you all to explore and familiarise yourself with the new Map during 2019.

The changing political and regulatory context

For many, the process and changes brought about as the UK transitions out of the EU will be at the forefront of minds in 2019 and beyond. But changes, whether political or otherwise, also bring new opportunities alongside challenges and demands. Our profession is increasingly seen now at the forefront of change for organisations, and we need to be able to plan ahead, to effect positive change, and to help develop and support the adaptive organisations and workforces we need for a fast changing future.

At the CIPD, we’re committed to supporting members with relevant guidance, advice and the latest information through major external changes. Our Brexit hub will continue to provide information and support on the major decisions and their implications as we see them throughout the coming months. 

We also will continue to engage on the behalf of our profession in the big issues of the day, ensuring our voice is heard, and seeking to deliver on our purpose of championing better work and working lives. Issues such as inclusion, well-being, promoting good work and responsible business, and the skills and productivity agendas. We can see these playing out at regional, national and international levels, and our ability to work with many others influencing these areas is vital in positioning our profession strongly for the future.

Enhancing your membership experience

Last autumn we undertook our largest ever member survey looking at how we are meeting your needs. I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to take part.

You told us that there were things we do well, and that you consider our wider purpose to be important and relevant. However, you also let us know where we could do better, and that’s exactly what we plan to do. There were some consistent themes across all membership levels, such as the need for us to communicate more effectively and make all your interactions with us as easy and supportive as possible. We’ve shared the results of this survey across the whole of the CIPD, as everyone in the organisation has a part to play in giving you a great member experience.

Our Membership Director, David D’Souza, has written a more detailed piece about how we will be responding to the results of the survey which you can find here.

So here’s to a successful 2019 for all, and I look forward to seeing many of you at the various events throughout the year. In particular we hope to welcome many of you at our new and ambitious Festival of Work this June, where we’ll be bringing together our profession and others across the business, academic, and political worlds to debate and share thinking on the many changes that are happening in the world of work.


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