How are organisations supporting learning at work?

Lizzie Crowley, Senior Policy Advisor - Skills

The world of work is rapidly changing, impacting on how organisations approach learning at work. In this fast-changing world, learning needs to evolve and it must be accessible and agile. Many organisations are changing where, when and how learning is delivered; increasingly in the flow of work, not in the classroom; via digital technologies which enable learning to be available anytime and anywhere; and through curation not just creation, harnessing the growth of rich, readily available online content. Organisations and business leaders are focusing more and more on productivity and adaptability, with the expectation that their learning and development teams develop solutions to support these outcomes directly.

Yet, for these shifts to take place, learning professionals must also address their own knowledge and practice, upskill and reskill themselves. They need to make sure they have the skills to understand how learning can best support the delivery of organisational goals. They need to know where and how learners are learning and understand the potential for different forms and channels for learning, when to create and when to curate.

To help us understand how and to what extent, organisations are embracing these challenges, the CIPD is relaunching their annual Skills and Learning at Work survey. Established in 1998 and previously known as the Annual CIPD L&D survey, it provides a robust source of information for L&D and OD specialists, HR practitioners and business decision-makers. The objective of the CIPD’s Skills and Learning at Work Survey is to gain key evidence-based insights on organisational learning to support L&D and training specialists with their skills, training and learning challenges.

As a people professional you understand first-hand the challenges and opportunities that arise in your professional practice. We’d like your views on how and why organisations invest in and develop skills in the workplace.

This survey will explore:

  • L&D strategies,
  • training and development practices and
  • the learning technologies you use to deliver on business objectives and priorities.

Your response will provide invaluable data on L&D trends that we’ll use to support organisations in developing a culture of learning and influence government on the skills agenda. Share your views and complete our survey today.

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