• Uber ruling papers over the legal cracks

    Some commentators are hailing last week’s Employment Tribunal ruling in the case brought by two London minicab drivers engaged by Uber as a huge victory against ‘bogus self-employment’. The tribunal, and employment judge Anthony Snelson, has indeed ruled that the drivers are ‘employed’ as ‘workers’ under the Employment Rights Act 1996 (as well as under the Working Time Regulations and National Minimum…

    • 31 Oct 2016
  • Supporting older workers’ health and well-being

    Large-scale demographic and societal trends such as the ageing population are pushing the health of working-age people in Europe higher up the policy agenda. The CIPD recently undertook an in-depth study comparing how five European countries – the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany and the UK – support older workers, particularly in relation to their health and well-being and continued participation in the labour…

    • 25 May 2016
  • We need to boost support for mental health at work

    Mental health awareness week is a good time to take stock of people’s perceived mental well-being at work. It is also an opportunity to assess the level of employer action to improve awareness and understanding of the issue, promote good mental well-being and provide support for people who experience mental health problems.

    New research by CIPD (our spring Employee Outlook survey undertaken in partnership with Halogen…

    • 16 May 2016
  • Slow progress to narrow Europe’s gender pay gap

    New data released by Eurostat (the statistical office of the European Union) in March 2016 reveal that the gender pay gap stood at 16.1% in the European Union (EU) in 2014. This means that women earned on average 16.1% less than men (based on average gross hourly earnings) and represents a meagre 0.3 percentage-point narrowing of the gap compared with 12 months ago.

     The data reveal wide variation in the size of the gender…

    • 3 May 2016
  • Mind the gap... the well-being gap

    The CIPD is embarking on a long-term project on employee health and well-being. While great strides have been made in workplace health and well-being in recent years, there is still a worrying implementation gap; for example, our 2015 Absence Management Survey, in partnership with Simplyhealth, revealed that just 8% of workplaces have in place a standalone health and well-being strategy. This finding says a lot about…

    • 26 Jan 2016
  • The UK and the EU – together forever?

    By Rachel Suff, Europe Policy Adviser, CIPD, @RSuff
    There is certainly no lack of commentary in the media around the threat of the UK leaving the EU – the so-called ‘Brexit’ – and what the future of the UK’s relationship with the EU may look like. In addition, the ‘in/out’ referendum that was promised by the Conservatives before the General Election is looking increasingly likely to be held in 2016.…
    • 3 Aug 2015
  • Youth (un)employment: a European perspective

    The persistently high level of youth unemployment in the UK has been well trailed in the press, and in the CIPD’s own policy blog. Even though we have begun to witness a welcome fall in the youth unemployment rate, there are still 700,000 16-24 year-olds who are out of work in this country. But what does the wider picture of youth unemployment and inactivity look like across Europe? And what is the strategy in Brussels…

    • 13 Oct 2014