Insights focused - Lesson 5: your reflections


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CIPD Staff

17 Jan, 2020 11:27

Welcome to the online community learning space for the lesson: Aggregating ideas. Use this forum to discuss the community reflective activity in the lesson. Read the contributions of others, ‘liking’ those you find helpful and add your unique reflections to the conversation by replying to this post. Click here to return to the lesson page at any time.

Community reflective activity:
Post in the community one area of ‘people practice’ that you think would benefit from improved data collection and interpretation, and why this is important for organisations?
Check out any posts from other learning community members.
Do any apply to your context? If so, why not ‘like’ them or add a comment. 

  • In my organisation we are starting to do work on teacher workload - staff surveys went out but the number of returns was disappointing - because the survey was too long. We really need this information - it is hard to retain teachers and we need to make sure that they are not suffering because of workload - that is something that we really need to work on, and I presume that knowing if staff feel overworked would be useful in many different settings.
  • Improved data collection and interpretation of exit interview information can benefit changes to improve culture and reduce turnover. It is important for reputation and cost efficiency to better understand why people are leaving, whilst also adding valuable information to future strategy aimed at becoming an employer of choice.