Insights focused - Lesson 6: your reflections


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CIPD Staff

17 Jan, 2020 11:29

Welcome to the online community learning space for the lesson: Applying ideas and assessing results. Use this forum to discuss the community reflective activity in the lesson. Read the contributions of others, ‘liking’ those you find helpful and add your unique reflections to the conversation by replying to this post. Click here to return to the lesson page at any time.

Community reflective activity:
Post in the learning community details about a work-based presentation that you have seen that was memorable.
What was the key to its effectiveness?  Did it leverage; focus, relevance, visualisation and storytelling. 

  • A memorable presentation I witnessed on Continuous Improvement culture combined a number of engaging elements, including a brief history, brief videos highlighting some key benefits & some data yield information, & a presenter with an engaging delivery who was clearly very well informed. The style meant that key information (& above all the benefits) were memorable which meant that the desire to drive the culture was retained as well as some of the deeper learning around how to do that
  • The best presentations I have seen utilised info graphics instead of text, and utilised hard hitting stats to capture engagement.