Valuing people - Lesson 4: your reflections

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Community reflective activity:
Post to the community an example of a creative method for development which you have experienced and which could be used alongside more formal learning and development approaches. 


    At our workplace, awareness on Health and Safety issues and procedural changes is considerably low and is not at acceptable level. One idea came to me is using available resources like Microsoft Forms.

    I designed forms which consists of 10 questions each and conducted quizzes fortnightly online. For all correct answers, I allotted 100 points which are named as "Learning Points". Employees can be encouraged by publishing the Learning points for individuals and summarized as department-wise Learning Points

  • Over six week period, I designed and delivered six topical webinars every Friday; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The webinars were designed to be 30 minutes long, as evidence suggested that people either couldn't commit to 1 hour or switched off half way through. The subjects discussed were generally employee relations based i.e. Flexible Working, Attendance Management, Managing Grievances etc with a little time for questions and discussions (keeping it confidential, of course). I had great interest and attendance in the webinars and received fantastic feedback afterwards. The webinars were later recorded and added the central system, for people who could not attend to watch in their own time, or those that wanted a refresher to re-watch. I have found that managers confidence in the subject areas has improved and the number of day-to-day procedure enquiries the HR team received reduced, freeing us up to tackle the more complex cases. We are now looking at developing this approach alongside class-room learning into our wider learning and development strategy as a result.
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    A great initiative, thank you for sharing.
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    Adding a little fun to a mandatory subject, this is great, thanks for sharing.
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    Take into consideration those people that could have a disability like the idea and may need support in completing and answering questions.