Working inclusively - Lesson 4: your reflections


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CIPD Staff

17 Jan, 2020 10:52

Welcome to the online community learning space for the lesson: Building collaborative relationships. Use this forum to discuss the community reflective activity in the lesson. Read the contributions of others, ‘liking’ those you find helpful and add your unique reflections to the conversation by replying to this post. Click here to return to the lesson page at any time.

Community reflective activity:
Share an idea or insight you have gained from collaboration with those who have different perspective or are in a different professional community. 

  • Our MD turned up as a surprise guest speaker at a development centre & eloquently spoke about a businesswide strategy that had caused some concern amongst us all privately - we hadn’t discussed it but all shared afterwards we had serious doubts. The MD had spoken about it quite coincidentally after a bit of a digression but afterwards we all understood & supported the strategy
  • There is a Facebook group called 'HR Ninja's' where many HR professionals across the Country ask questions, share insights and highlight interesting topics of discussion. I have found this mechanism very insightful, as it allows me to gain the views and opinions of other experienced persons within the industry. Whether I'm part of the discussion or just reading what others have written, allows me to reflect on what I do as a HR professional, as well as the policies, procedures and schemes adopted by my Company.
  • I agree with Stephanie, I really enjoy the collaboration that can be achived by being part of forums and networks. I do not often comment myself, for example on Linked In, but I am always keen to read the comments around topics that interest me so that I can gain a better understanding of different views. I often form my initial opinions based on things like this, and give myself a platform to then research how it may work better for us. It never fails to surprise me how polar opposite opinions can be on any subject, but the 'why' behind these is what drives my insights.
    On a day to day basis, I love getting with my team around a table and giving them autonomy to provide their own solutions to challenges - in this scenario I am here more to facilitate and guide rather than solve. Often, someone can suggest a solution or idea (especially with how to approach a people challenge) that I hadn't thought of.
  • I've had many positive experiences of working with people who are new to an industry, but with previous experience in one or more others. Often the fresh insight they bring, and sometimes decades-old solutions from one industry to a problem another industry is only just starting to encounter make for great progress.