Working inclusively - Lesson 6: your reflections


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CIPD Staff

17 Jan, 2020 10:59

Welcome to the online community learning space for the lesson: Working across functions and disciplines. Use this forum to discuss the community reflective activity in the lesson. Read the contributions of others, ‘liking’ those you find helpful and add your unique reflections to the conversation by replying to this post. Click here to return to the lesson page at any time.

Community reflective activity:
What strategies can you suggest for capturing and sharing knowledge within an organisation so that it’s not dependent on, and held by individuals?   

  • Using of Wikipedia Concept

    Wiki concept is now available of MS Teams also. So, for a company where I am working (Power and Water production), this concept is used to curate the information and knowledge of operating the plant and experiences of senior staff will help to archive the historical experiences of solving problems can be recorded and edited on a Wiki page. By time very rich, reliable content can be produced which serves the junior employees to learn faster and adds value to organization as a ready reference material and useful to take proper actions avoiding the old mistakes.

  • In reply to Murali:

    I like the idea of capturing this digitally so it can be accessed at any time in an appropriate format - your system sounds great!
  • There is probably something to be said about beginning this as a career starts in some way to avoid the ‘hoarding’ of information over a number of years which is then harder to capture through reluctance, inability to recall spontaneously or missing detail
  • The majority of my team are remote workers, generally travelling between accounts or working from home. Often we could go weeks without speaking to each other, unless we had to; though we would have regular monthly meetings to catch up. We have recently taken to using Microsoft teams, to share knowledge and information quicker, easier and more effectively than we did before. We speak more regularly, either virtually or audio only (if the connection is playing up) and have 'teams' comprising of different departments in order to share relevant information among many other people. I personally feel our team has become more productive and effective than we ever were and information and knowledge is free flowing, rather than holding on to it until the next time we meet.
  • I really like Murali's idea! I might ustilise this and this is a perfect example of knowledge sharing benefitting the wider community!! (Thank you)

    Within my own teams, I encourage debate within monthly management meetings and allow opportunity for the challenges that come up in my individual weekly meetings, to be raised and as a management team they share knowledge on how they have experienced it previously or what they would do if they were faced with it. It really opens up the floor for different perspectives, and supports managers deciding upon a better course of action for themselves. If I get a query during the month that a manager doesnt know how to resolve, I usually encourage this to be put on the agenda for open discussion.