Who pays for your CIPD costs?

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I am trying to find out the following: if your company has contributed towards the cost of your CIPD course or if they paid half, part or all of it?

Just trying to get an idea of bench-mark, the CIPD schools/centers dont have this information.



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    My company paid for mine this year, but its a first for me.  

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    I paid all my qualification fees myself although I did get an afternoon off to attend college, so that would have had a financial impact.  Since I qualified and moved companies, I have always had my membership reimbursed.


  • Everyone who is paying their own membership fees: remember you can contact HMRC and have the cost off-set against your tax code.  One of the very few things employees can claim. 
  • Kate: only if the HMRC believe the membership is relevant to the claimant's job.  They didn't approve my claim for tax relief. 
  • My organisation paid for my Level 7 qualification and pay my membership fees. My qualification fees are under a clawback agreement, but it saved me quite a few thousand! It was one of the benefits I negotiated when joining the company.
  • I work in the NHS, am currently undertaking Level 7 Certificate in HR Management, my employer paid a third towards the costs, as they did with my previous CIPD Level 3 Employment Law Award in 2014. This is the norm now in NHS as they no longer totally fund any external training courses of this tyoe.
  • I did my CPP quite a few years ago now.  I negotiated with my employer on joining that they would pay the fees. It was a charity and it was cheaper for them to pay for the training course, mileage and parking than it was to pay a higher salary so it worked out well for both of us.

    The CPP was on a Wednesday afternoon and I got paid time off to attend.  Obviously all assignments etc. were done in my own time. 

    When I started my full CIPD qualification I did one module during working hours and one module in the evening.  After the first year of this course I joined another company and negotiated the same deal, but they put in a claw-back clause (which the charity didn't).

    My employers have always paid my CIPD membership fees.

    My current employer funds a certain number of people going through qualifications each year as it's so expensive (I think it's 2 or 3) and it does need to be related to their role, so HR Admin might get the CPP but not the full CIPD approved.  It's all done within their own time.  Some people pay for the course themselves as they don't want to wait to see if they'll get funding approved.

    So, I've been very very lucky! 

  • When I did my MSc in HR I paid my fees and did not receive any study leave.  I also paid the CIPD membership fees. To be fair, the organisation had already funded my pt MBA so had put quite a bit into my development. (I should probably explain that I did my HR career the wrong way round and had senior level HR responsibilities before taking an HR management post.) 

  • In our organisation it would depend on whether your Job Description specifically had a requirement for CIPD qualifications. I am Assoc CIPD working in HR within a workforce planning/HR systems role and do not have it in my JD so pay my own fees. Others, where it is stated in their JD, have their fees paid. This would also be taken into account for study costs.
  • We would usually fund something like this but it is expensive so we would have a Learning Agreement in place with it. I worked in the public sector before and they wouldn't fund anything and time off for studying had to be made up - I always thought it was very tight of them to not offer some sort of assistance towards it because its them who ultimately benefit from employees who gain extra skills or knowledge from their studies (or they risk losing good people once qualified). I didn't self fund and therefore have only ever done Level 3 (some years ago) but I don't feel it has especially hindered my learning or career progression not completing Level 7. Maybe one day!

    For general membership and access to the online resources, the magazine and most of all, "communities" this is paid for by my company.

  • I pay for my own.  I work for a company where there are lots of other professional membership requirements of the role, so if they paid mine, they would have to pay everyone else's.  They did pay for both my CPP and Level 5 CIPD courses and gave us time off to complete the course.  Hope this information helps.
  • My organisation pays my CIPD fee, as they see value in it.
  • My Organisation not only paid all costs for both my Foundation and Intermediate Qualifications, but also paid accommodation and mileage costs - my training provider for the Intermediate level was located 250 miles, round trip, from my workplace.  

     My CEO is very keen for me to commence my Advanced Qualification and will totally fund this together with all other related expenses, however this will take me further afield again - not such a hardship especially due to their investment in me.

     They also continue to pay my CIPD yearly membership fees.

  • My company paid for both levels 3 and 7 and my membership since I started the courses.  They also pay my travel expenses (and I can claim the time back if in my own time) when I attend CIPD events and also pay for CIPD "ad hoc" courses.  They  let me take the time off work to attend the courses which I didn't have to pay back - although I did.


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     I received the bulk of my fees for the course - the organisation does not however fund membership costs.