Who pays for your CIPD costs?

Hi All

I am trying to find out the following: if your company has contributed towards the cost of your CIPD course or if they paid half, part or all of it?

Just trying to get an idea of bench-mark, the CIPD schools/centers dont have this information.



  • I have worked for three organisations. My first employer was a small family owned company (60 employees) They paid the full cost. They also funded the whole of my study including materials and provided very generous study leave.

    My second employer had over 500,000 employees and therefore there was not a benefit of them paying my membership. The reason is that they had all the knowledge they could ever need.

    My most recent employer was again a small family owned company. They did not pay for my membership as they employed an employment advisory service and therefore there was no benefit for them to pay my membership.

    From my experience it very much depends of the company. 

  • My work have paid for my qualification and my membership - I am incredibly lucky!
  • For the first year I have self funded through savings. 

    I hope I can save for the next year as well. Otherwise I will have to go to bank loan route.


  • former employer paid for my CIPD level 7 costs, current employer pays for annual subscription as they get access to the helpline 

  • I pay for my own CIPD costs


    Berny Sansome


  • I don't work in HR, so pay my own course fees and CIPD subscription. 
  • My employer has paid for the course but I've had to pay for my membership, which isn't reimbursed.
  • in my organisation only the managers get their costs paid for, anyone else including me has to pay for it out of our own pockets.
  • Within the Public Sector, time off and course costs are usually covered by the employer. Your professional fees, once the course is complete, are at your own expense.

    Perhaps the employer should pay the annual membership costs? becasue the on-going benefits that you get from the CIPD web, publications and regional events are of direct benefit to the business.

    PS Professional fees are tax deductable if you have the motivation to do it.
  • I'm paying for my level 5 at the moment, I also pay my membership fees and have to work all of my time back. This doesn't seem to be the norm though!