Career crossroads


Hopefully you guys can help me!

I've reached a bit of a crossroads in my career and I feel it's quite a critical point.

I worked in generalist HR for 10 years primarily as a Business Partner - the last 4 - 5 years have been as an interim with an emphasis on employee relations and Change Management.  More recently, my latest assignments have specialised in Change Management - focusing on the operational aspects of delivering relatively large scale restructuring and TUPE change programmes.  I really enjoy this aspect of HR which includes elements of project management as I would consider my strengths on the operational side. 

So, I know what I enjoy - I enjoy interim work, change, projects. 

However, I haven't got a great deal of experience in Organisational Design as an interim, I usually come in when the structure, processes etc have already been designed.  Long term, I have considered starting my own consultancy but I feel I have this gap. 

I would really appreciate any advice on where I could go with my experience.

Thank you!

  • I'm sure more experienced people will be along shortly. But how about something like this, would it help to fill your skills gap, especially if it's the sort area you'd like to set up a consultancy around:


    There may be other providers out there.

    I know one of my local councils are quite often advertising for OD positions.

    Good luck
  • Hi Craig

    OD activities, in my experience, tend to fall into two very different areas.

    1. Defining what work needs to be done in order to deliver the objectives of a clear business strategy, and then designing appropriate organisational structures.
    2. Defining how defined work can be delivered in an organisation (jobshare, distance working, hotdesking, etc.)

    The first variation happens most often in very large organisations who have to reinvent themselves in a rapidly changing world - usually involving a step change in the business model. These companies usually call on large consultancies (like Mazars) to assist in the reflection on how the business model could change, and the organisational structures to support the new model. An internal change team is often part of the design process. To get into this type of activity, consider joining a major consultancy, but be prepared to face the prospect of a steep learning curve in business models, economics and strategy.

    The second area is much more common and can be found in many organisations of allsizes who have an ethos of social flexibility and innovation.

    Hope these thoughts help.


  • I've just read this blog post and that mentions a 1 day course, if you haven't already seen it.

  • In reply to Stacey:

    Hello all, thanks so much for all your replies. I have seen the 1 day course in OD which is definitely something I'll consider but I'm not sure how much I can get from a one day course?

    Ray, thanks for your detailed response. Number 1 would interest me and I would consider joining a large consultancy but I'm not sure they would be interested in somebody with my background?
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    Hi Craig,
    I've had most of the major management consultancies (Mazars, Anderson, Mackenzie....) working in the companies where I've worked over the years. Consultant profiles were wide ranging but within a project team were usually complementary and balanced - including ex HR generalists who had made the transition. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.......

  • In reply to Ray:

    That's extremely helpful, thank you Ray