Tips on developing a more engaging writing style for HR projects

Hi everyone, 

I am looking for recommendations of books, workbooks or courses for myself. My writing style is matter of fact & I am looking to develop a more creative and engaging style as I am taking on more engagement, recruitment and value add HR projects. 

Thank you

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    Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for your reply and understanding of my post. I am absolutely looking to be able to flex styles as and when required. I am most interested in the courses option and will reach out to Cathy.
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    Courses are a great start and I think Cathy will be an ideal person to speak to from a clear writing perspective. Say to her from me.

    Once you've built up your skills, I'd recommend branching out into building up your writing tools learning from marketing and communication professionals or training providers. It helped me to pick up some core tools that I feel have improved my writing skills for clients. All the very best.
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    Just prolonging the various possibly-apt quotes by accomplished wordsmiths and continuing the snipping and sewing metaphor:

    A line will take us hours maybe;

    Yet if it does not seem a moment's thought,

    Our stitching and unstitching has been naught.

    (W.B. Yeats)

  • Try to write from the heart and keep the meaning and purpose of what you're trying to achieve at the core of your writing. I've changed our staff comms to a chattier style, always thinking - what matters to our colleagues, what do they want?

  • Hi Laura,

    This is such a lovely question to raise! I haven't got much to add to the already excellent suggestions apart from possibly just being sure that you're speaking in your employee's language. Be mindful of using terms that are meaningful to a HR crowd but are confusing or off-putting to the people you're trying to reach i.e. using 'compensation' or 'reward' when people are thinking 'pay' or 'salary' is an easy example that leaps to mind but I'm sure there are others. By just making simple changes with that kind of thing, you might find that it relaxes your style a little.

    Good luck!