Finally 'Chartered' via the Experience Assessment route!

So.... I have been an Associate member for years as, for personal reasons, I didn't finish the whole of what is now the Level 7 course.

I finally got my act together and decided to apply for the experience assessment rather than start the whole course again and still have to have the assessment!

Results are through today - and I've passed!! Finally Chartered!!  Such a relief!  We are going through an incredibly busy time at work and so much went wring while I was completing the assessment.  The hard work paid off!! 

Won't be able to celebrate for a few days but definitely deserve a glass of bubbly!

So if you are thinking about routes - go for it - the timing is never right - and it is a considered cost!  But - I think it was worth it in the end!

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    Well done Miriam!!
    Lindsey (in answer to your question) - I did my chartered member experience assessment last year. The case study was tough but you'll be fine and will get through it. I read the document back to back for about a week making key notes on crucial parts as I went through. Then the second week I started to put my report together using the key questions provided to answer in full. As it states in the information pack, they are not looking for you to apply every aspect of employment law you know, they are looking for a common sense approach of how you would resolve issues. Good luck, you will be fine!!
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    Hi Kelly, Thank you so much for your advice - it's made me feel a little more assured I'll survive :) I'm currently based in Sydney so have the additional factor of ensuring my thoughts in answering the questions are going to contextually understood by my Assessor. Did you ensure to use tools such as SWOT/Porters Five forces within your case study report? I'll be accessing into today - 14 day count down begins. Lindsey
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    I have one question which may be silly but I think its due to the slight disadvantage I have of living in Sydney and therefore not working within U.K employment law or terminology.
    Why would a large Public Sector union asked to put in place a "recognition agreement" with a not for profit education organisation? I'm not sure whether the fact the organisation's main activity is examinations support for secondary schools guides this? Or perhaps they are merging with another not for profit imminently?
    My understanding of a recognition agreement is for example between AHRI in Australia and CIPD in the U.K or Medicare in Australia and NHS in the U.K.
    Any thoughts?

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    Lindsey, do you want to drop me a message with your email address??
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    Hi Miriam, Forgive my ignorance - I cant figure out how to private message on here. I have sent you a connection request, perhaps my email address will be visible via that?

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    Hi Lindsey.... I have sent you a message - yes, it only appears after connections.
  • Congratulations :)
  • Congratulations Miriam!! I hope you enjoy your well deserved bubbly!!
    I am in the same boat you were in. I have completed all of the exams and course work. I studied for 3 years but unfortunately due to personal circumstances I was unable to complete my dissertation. It is the biggest regret of my life but I will turn it around. You are an inspiration!! Very well done :)
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    Thanks Louise - I would definitely recommend going for the EA
  • Congratulations! this gives me hope. I am just about to embark on the same and have to admit I am finding it all rather daunting, having not studied for many years. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Caroline,

    My advice is really to take it slowly and don't panic. Start making lots of notes of examples that you can use in your answers and also different ones that you can use for your professional discussion. I blew up the wheel and put examples in so that I could work from that.

    With regards the case study - give yourself ample time.... they recommend to spend the first week reading and digesting it - they are absolutely right. There will be a lot of information for you to think about. Don't rush into it.

    Hope that helps... and good luck....
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    Thank you - I will be sure to share my experiences on here.
  • Congratulations! Enjoy that feeling.... and enjoy the bubbles.
  • I've gone through the pre-assessment and been told I could definitely do the same as you - I too stopped for reasons outside of my control on level 7 (but working at HR Director level) - this is inspirational - well done and congratulations!
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    good luck Lorna..... let us know if you do it and how you get on.